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    High-Philosopher Rahlus Fossor

    Alias: While he normally goes by Rahlus, he may formally introduce himself as High-Philosopher Rahlus.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 32
    Alignment: LN (not strongly N, very strongly L)
    Class/Profession: Aristocrat is probably most fitting to his role in his old world as a philosopher (term for the ruling body).
    Power Rating: Can very greatly depending on his surroundings (See abilities), but in a scenerio void of any emotions to draw on he is most likely at a D- (kinda competent with his rapier), or C- (level 5 caster dnd) if desperate enough to use his own emotions to fuel minor offensive magic. At his absolute best, say the middle of a raging battle field or in the presence of an epic event inspiring the greatest levels of awe and emotion in those around him, Rahlus probably caps at A ( 20-30 epic level dnd)
    Description: In public he would normally wear his the robes of his station, thick pure white robes with a silver belt holding a silver rapier. He normally leaves the hood off, so his head is clearly visable. He has combed back dark brown hair, long enough to conceal his ears, and brown eyes. All and all handsome, a trait he actively tries to maintain.
    Personality: While he is very emotionally reserved (see abilities), Rahlus is not quiet and in fact enjoys socialization immensely. Rahlus is very observant and inquisitive, eager to learn more about the worlds outside his own. He has a strong sense of justice (though not necessarily good) and will act quickly to manifest it on his surroundings. Being a experienced aristocrat is also very charismatic and at times manipulative. His eloquent way of speaking is expressed by his dialogue appearing in italics.
    Equipment: Rahlus is practically always going to be wearing his High-Philosopher's robes, which are enchanted to provide multiple conveniences (such as perpetual cleanness and temperature moderation) and protection comparable to plate armour. His silver rapier is unenchanted, a symbol of status rather than a weapon.
    Abilities: Rahlus utilizes a emotion based magic common in his home world. he is capable of reading emotion of a single person and or an entire crowd, but more importantly can use emotion he detects to fuel magic powers. For example, if he is in an inn which suddenly erupts into brawl he can use the great amounts of rage to conjure flames, if he is in a military base right before a battle he could use the great amounts of fear to conjure illusions. In other words, the powers he can manifest are directly related to the emotion he is using to fuel it. Also, the amount of emotion and its intensity are responsible for the effectiveness of the magic. Rahlus is much more powerful in a city, where people feeling a wide variety of emotions are everywhere around him, than in say a camp were he can sap on only the emotions of a few people. Likewise he is much more powerful against an attacker who is burning with vengeance than one who simply wants his coin. Rahlus himself must be very gaurded against his own emotion, for he is a beacon through which entities of pure emotion can manifest should he lose control. While normal anger may cause a wisp of rage to manifest that Rahlus could easily destroy alone, great amounts of emotion could result in powerful entities capable of possessing him (It should however be noted that accidentally manifesting a entity of positive emotion, such as hope or happiness, is significantly less harmful, perhaps even being beneficial, than say a entity of hate). Because of this, Rahlus would only use his own emotions to fuel spells in the absolute most dire of circumstances.
    Backstory: As a High-Philosopher, Rahlus was a member of the leading body of his home world. When the existence of other planes was discovered, he was chosen by the Arch-Philosopher to pass through a portal created by the philosophers to explore them and learn all he could about the multi-verse. Rahlus did so, and arrived in Nexus.

    This is a post from his seccond day at the nexus that neatly lays out his motivation.

    Rahlus woke up after a few hours of sleep. Or was it a few hours? He had been told about the paradoxical time system of the nexus, and investigation on his part was still pending. Regardless, he was awake and well rested, albeit with a slight hangover.

    This would be his first day in the nexus he thought. I spent the first half of yesterday confused and in awe, the second half drunk. Now he was fully alert and ready to begin playing.

    As he walked into the main lobby, encrusted with food from the now over food fight, (which he hoped with all his heart he had not participated in, his memory of the previous "day" was a little blurred) he was made aware of something he had allready noted but not spent to much time dwelling on. This was a world of chaos. He had been told about the factions the "ruled" this place and was unimpressed. They were all just guilds devoted to pushing forward their ideals, or at best trying to protect the nexus from the obvious evil of total destruction. What this place lacked was a government.

    All his life Rahlus had been a part of government, and he saw law and order as the single most important trait of society. As a philosopher, he had learned how subjective the world could be, and he knew that this was unacceptable. The world could not be allowed to be subject to the whims of it's denizens, people must have free will yes but there must be a force which creates parameters that must be obeyed. Otherwise the resulting chaos would ultimately destroy free will. He could not bear to look at this place as it was, a hub for individuals of any caliber to gather and do as they wish, no doubt all the while thinking that their way of doing things was the right way. Someone to lay down the law on what is right and what isn't, while still being open to debate on those decisions. Aetherin had that in the form of the Philosophers.

    Rahlus grinned as he realized a wonderfull opportunity before him, his progress was halted in Aetherin when he became High-Philosopher, for a man greater than he held the final post. But here a void was left and he knew only himself as a acceptable placeholder.

    The Nexus needed a king.

    He would give it a Arch-Philosopher.

    Other: Rahlus has cunstructed an area called "Philosopher's Sanctorium" which exists in the plane of emotion. One can go there simply by willing themselves to. If one would like to go there (most likely to meet with Rahlus in private) simply PM me so and we can take it to Home.
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