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One basic problem with the class, is there are no options within the class. Adding the ability to have different types of tentacles based on a path early on could help fill some of the dead levels.

The alignments seem fairly arbitrary, why can't a tentastical shadow be chaotic evil? The great tentacle is also not really defined, from the class feature it seems to be a sort of deity, but there is not fluff to support this.
Not everything has to be defined... For all you know there could be tiny fairies in aome world called Charliesvill that patches your spell requests through...
The great tentacle is just a tentacle.
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It's good, though perhaps a bit overcomplicated? As it's a core aspect of the class, you're allowed to make it a bit powerful, especially as a non-damaging ability (assuming you're not intending to use this to teleport people high up into the air)...

How about making the max distance standard, increasing based on class level, and making you the focus of the teleport? So the tentacle doesn't grapple them, you do, and if you have them in a grapple for say, maybe a full round, they get dragged with you. No need to factor in anything too fancy, and forcing you to go along with the target means fewer player shenanigans of dropping their target in a spike pit. As you increase in level, the distance does as well, and you can do this quicker, but adding a roll to pull this off, with a natural one resulting in the bad kind of shenanigans. You could even make an activation roll standard, and have penalties be based on increasing the speed of the action, number of people traveling with you, etc, with a bonus to the check based on your class level + Charisma mod.

Also, have you considered expanding the Quick Tentacles assisted movement abilities for some Thiefy acrobatics?
How is that overcomplicated especially in comparison to your much larger block'o text. What do you mean expand to assist movement... You can already use it to reach 15ft distances, with +Climb skill. dunno anything on "Thiefy acrobatics"