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In terms of "thiefy acrobatics", I just meant giving bonuses to jump (Edit: Tentacle propelled leaping and all that), or possibly allowing for some ceiling crawling at later levels, if you so desire.

And no, not everything needs to be explained, though with all these Tentacle oriented classes, I'd be interested in seeing fluff tying them together in some way.
Ah. Sure I can do some stuffs for that.

In my mind, all the Tentacles come from Thuul, a realm of tentacles and dark waters in which the entire planet is a single, planetary sized tentacled life form with many smaller tentacle life forms living on it. Tentacles of Thuul vary in size, to the point that there are even tiny sized fully functional tentacles. Its mind is vast, and its fully aware of each individual tentacle, and can think, effectively, trillions of things at any one time and as such it can appear that every tentacle has its own mind, and Independent thought. Thuul is something between an Overdiety and a 20 ranked divine, It cares little for mortal affairs, but does like to pass time by spreading its influence and kin across the planes in the form of magic in which Thuul can temporarily send some of its minions, or personal tentacles through spatial rifts to perform various effects. Thuul is True Neutral, and doesn't care much for anything but passing its own boredom by helping casters out or even granting permanent effects, It does gain some benefits, such as spreading its seed on other planets through casters that use things such as Tentacular Implantation Usually its quite easy as the caster's own energies do most the work.

The Great Tentacle would be one of Thuul's smaller personal tentacles, temporarily reaching through the void to physically take them out of they're own location, into Thuul's realm, and back out to be placed where they wished to go. The transition is apparently instantaneous, and indeed, once the tentacle takes them away, no time has passed from the movement of point A to point B.