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    Alias: Zarakkan
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Dragon-Man
    Age: 10,000
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Wizard Inventor
    Power Rating: 7-8 or A
    Description: a blue dragon-man with red eyes, is big and his front claws seem to be capable of holding things like hands

    Personality: scatterbrained, rambles and talks endlessly and going off topic, eccentric, is frequently mistaken for a madman, sometimes acts his age and tells of long ago things like an old man caught up in nostalgia, doesn't like fighting since he prefers to create and not destroy, and will try every deception and trick he knows before trying to fight.

    Equipment: various inventions, accessible through a transdimensional storage wristband he wears, all of which are mostly weaponry.


    Natural Draconic Abilities:

    Firebreathing: both exhalation and inhalation of such

    Fire Immunity




    Illusion Mastery

    Icefire Mastery: can conjure Icefire, the element of invention, which only exists as long as he wills it. It has six forms:

    This is the raw, default form of Icefire. It is a block of ice with a flame inside of it, forever melting and refreezing, thus heat that rises up from it. The Icefire in this state can power an engine for all eternity, because the ice gives the fire properties of frozenness while the fire gives the ice properties to spread and devour to remake itself. Thus they cancel each other out, the fire never spreading or going out inside the ice and the ice always remaking and refreezing itself when melted by the fire. However in this state, the Icefire will explode if it impacts something or if something impacts it. Thus the Icefire that powers his reactors are highly defended, and in combat this kind of Icefire is only used for Icefire meteor bolts, essentially explosive missiles.

    This form of Icefire is a more gum like substance. The Fire is a little stronger than the Ice in this form, the flame altered to impart flexibility to the ice. Thus it becomes a strange stretchy material, useful for grabbing things or holding foes down.

    This form of Icefire is more to the ice side of things, its only flame inside of it is whitish-blue and it only contributes one property to the ice: the ability to spread and consume. However the ice is still a solid material thing. Thus Icefire-3 is used for weaponry, as the white-blue flame repairs and strengthens the ice around it. Thus while the Icefire will probably get damaged, it will repair itself so that it can keep being used. Also used for barriers, shields and armor.

    This form, mostly known as "Flamesnow" by the Technoblins, is a red powdery, sandy substance. It burns everything it touches…without any flame. Basically think of it like this: imagine that fire was solidified into some sand like substance. Now imagine that
    you could control exactly what did and didn't get burned with it, by controlling what it touches, so that if the Flamesnow hits a guy- only he will get burned by it, and the surrounding environment would be untouched.

    This form of Icefire is actually steam. Zarakkan uses it for blasting, concealment and for killing large amounts of people with high-temperature air. And of course, powering steam engines.

    One day, Zarakkan took a flame and applied ice's properties of solidity and coldness to it. Thus he made a frozen flame, cold to the touch but still lights the world as a flame does. He mostly uses this to light Zelkimande, having no need for a bunch of bulbs, and when things get dark, he conjures a crystal shard of it to use as a cold torch to light the darkness.

    Teleportation Mastery

    Trueflame Divination Mastery
    Note: using Trueflame Divination weakens and destroys his illusions and diguises as well as others

    Transformation: a single spell that is only useful for disguising himself as it takes away his natural draconic abilities while not granting him the abilities of his current form, he uses it mostly as a disguise.

    Backstory: A dragon 10,000 years old has his history divided into Ages and is a living history textbook. what those Ages are will come later.
    However his goal has always been to make a lot of Magi-Tech and be free

    Miscellaneous: Has an extensive family of Descendants that he can call up to fight for him in his place.
    Drinking water is poisonous to him.
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