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    Kate Kyland


    Alias: “Kate” is rather generic, so she also answers to Kyland.

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 18

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class/Profession: Chronic Geek/Nerd

    Power Rating: E+? (changes make this questionable.)

    Description: She is not notably tall, short, beautiful, ugly, shapely, boxy, skinny, fat, or unnotable. She has the kind of face that reminds you of that other person you know, but not really all that much now that you get a good look at it. However, her straight hair is worn long and is bright orange.

    Through a number of charms, jinxes, and magical shenanigans, Kate has been changed a bit.

    Hair: Now glows a bit brighter than a torch. Has been braided and dusted by pixies, causing a few places to braid itself. The dust has also resulted in keeping her from feeling pain when the hair is pulled, and overall increasing the quality of her hair.

    There is pair of large orange fuzzy antenna coming out of her forehead.

    Skin: is now void of mars, scars, or body hair. She also has supernaturally smooth and soft skin. This is a divine effect, and is thus difficult to remove.

    Personality: Spent her spare time watching sci fi movies, reading webcomics, and getting straight As in her classes at the science focus program. She tends to worry about the definitions of “Geek” and “Nerd.” She enjoys higher, complex, logical (or illogical) ways of thinking, but is very distractible.

    Equipment: A backpack with some money, some snacks, a pair of sunglasses, and her laptop with accessories. Has since received an umbrella from a kind stranger.

    Has been given a Deck of Hints by Genesis. This deck of cards can supply tips and secrets about a situation, but is often cryptic.

    Has purchased a Mugger Slugger from MagMart. A little ray gun with a decent punch, but not enough shots for continued battle. She has no experience with guns, so this does not really change her power level.

    Abilities: Knowledge of technology, programming, art, writing, general trivia, random trivia, science, and TV tropes. Slightly higher than average pain tolerance, a bit of martial arts training. Common sense.

    Longfall/jump/kick boots/legs
    Cyber eyes-super useful
    Third arm: removable, hand has a storage compartment and a laser gun.

    Blade in her right arm.

    Power generator in her midsection.

    Energy shield system.

    Boneweave: reinforced and flexible bones, with a nanite monitoring and repair system.

    She can also make and use pixie dust, but this usage (and other fairy magic) causes her to begin to turn into a pixie. Enough energy will change her completely, but the effect does wear off.

    Backstory: A completely ordinary girl, who was rudely yanked from her reality (which is surprisingly close to, if not a perfect copy of, real life) and plopped not too far from Trog’s tavern. Wants to go to college and major in computer science, which she already seems to know a lot about.
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