Gender: Male

Race/Species: Golden One

Age: 78 (Apparent Age: youngish)

Class/Profession: Sorceror-Swordsman

Description: Alamar has skin the color of pure gold, and where his eyes should be white they are a lighter shade of gold. His irises dark, almost enough to be the same color as his pupils. Alamar takes the word 'statuesque' to a new level. He looks almost as if a sculpture stepped down from its place and started walking around. He is tall, muscled, and has features attractive in a very sharp and defined way. Everything about him is seemingly perfectly proportional. He can typically be found wearing simple black clothing and keeps his curly dark hair short.

Personality: Alamar is a seeker. For what or who even he himself is not sure, but he is a driven individual who doesn't give up once he starts something. Sometimes this can lead him to be stubborn, refusing to abandon courses even when they are plainly no longer fruitful. He is also very outgoing, always looking to meet new people and learn about what makes them do what they do.

A black wooden staff topped by a golden orb, inscribed with runes.
A gladius with a rune-marked hilt.
Several obsidian wands, with the same kind of symbols.
A well-kept spell book.

Abilities: Alamar is a master of both sorcery and swordfighting, though he is slightly more skilled with magic. His magic is based in a set of runes developed by his people, that can be carved into objects to enchant them as well as used in rituals and spells.