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    Alias: Vates cannot speak, so it is likely that most of the people he interacts with will not know his name, because of this, Vates is used to going by whatever people happen to call him at any given time. Feel free to nickname him whatever you want or just call him "that psuedodragon" etc..
    Gender: M
    Race: Vampric Psuedodragon
    Age: 784
    Alignment: CN, not strongly either.
    Class: Bard/Ritualist
    Power Rating: E- in a brawl, but he has some bewitchment magic from his draconic vamprism. And while his rituals are rarely weapons, if he has a large amount of time to prepare for a very specific situation he could use them as such to be arbitrarily powerful.
    Descriprion: Vates is about two and a half feet from the tip of his barbed tail to the tip of his face. His wingspread is probably an equal measurement. His scales are a bright red, and his body is slightly more linear than a normal dragons. He has a mischievous face and the lazy yet superior demeanour of a cat.
    Personality: Vates is lazy and superior acting, basking in attention. Being a bard, he loves qualities and situations which would make good scenes in a story, and will often work to engineer situations as such. Like most dragonoids, he has an unhealthy obsession with treasure and shiny things.
    Equipment: A large and varied assortment of magic items he uses in rituals. Typically however, he would leave all such items in his lair (really more of a nest, but don't tell him that) and carries nothing on him.
    Abilities:He has a passive charm effect due to his draconic vamprism, he can strengthen this effect through eye to eye contact to a level dependant on the will of the target (ranging from no change in the shrug-offable charm effect to complete devotion). His barbed tail can deliver poison which can put human sized and below targets to sleep. He is immune to all things undead would be logically immune to and has typical vampire weakness'. He has extensive knowledge of rituals, and uses his lair/nest to practice them in.
    Backstory: To escape a normal psuedodragon's lifespan of 15 years, he intentionally contracted vampirism. To escape the mob that would end his life due to said vamprism (and possibly some abusive shinanagans) he cast a ritual of escape. Obviously, this landed him in the Nexus.

    Other: For some reason, despite being telepathic, Vates cannot communicate in language. Instead, he beams general concepts, images, or music into whoever he is trying to communicate with, or just uses body language. (normally this means tvtropes articles, pictures drawn in 10seconds in mspaint, or youtube)
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