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    Default Re: My Little Pony XIV: Boots on Hooves / Bikinis on Top

    Since the dawn of Friendship is Magic, we have known that our little ponies are, in fact, little. But how little? The problem has been what to use as a baseline. Trees don't have a set height. Items in their houses would, of course, be scaled to their size. Dog breeds, bunny breeds and cat breeds vary in size.

    And then I realized my point of comparison. The cows that Applejack deflected from trampling Ponyville have the coloring of Holstein cattle. That means we know the breed!

    According to Wikipedia, a Holstein cow, at maturity, is about 58 inches (147 cm) at the shoulder.

    I found a good shot of Applejack standing next to one of the cows in roughly the same pose.

    Now, the cow in the picture has a stylized tiny shoulder and a weirdly tall projection where its tail connects to the body. Going by this, though


    Where you measure the cow at the hip is roughly equivalent to the height of its front hoof to the top of its back. And Holsteins have a fairly flat back.

    So, going by these numbers. On my screen, the front hoof to top of back on the cow is 2 5/8 inches tall. Applejack is 1 1/4.

    58 inches/2.625inches = 22.1
    22.1 * 1.25 inches = 27.6 inches (70 CM)

    Now to put this in perspective. The Shetland Pony is the smallest horse breed in the world, and individuals of that breed are described as:

    Because of the small size, Shetlands are usually measured in inches rather than hands, the minimum being 28 inches and the maximum 42 inches.

    Read more at Suite101: The Shetland Pony: The World's Smallest Breed. | Suite101.com http://www.suite101.com/content/the-...#ixzz1RgROz64R
    Rounding up, Applejack is the size of the smallest individuals OF THE SMALLEST PONY BREED IN THE WORLD.

    So the answer is: they are very little ponies indeed.

    (and before someone says hip measurement doesn't equal shoulder measurement, you're right. Hip measurement, from what I saw, is roughly two inches taller than shoulder measurement on cows. The difference this makes is that Applejack no longer is rounded up to be the size of a Shetland pony. However, I found no definite hip measurement for Holsteins. In addition, Applejack is slightly in the foreground, which would artificially inflate her size in my screen measurement. Whether these cancel out or not, I don't know. Still, VERY LITTLE PONIES).
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