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    Ashley Cross

    "It really is amazing, what one can see when you give them a catalyst."

    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 23
    Class/Profession: Sorceress

    Description: Ashley is a rather attractive woman, though not exactly a knockout. She’s tall and thin, though still with some slight curves to her body. Her straight brown hair doesn't reach past her shoulders, and she has sharp green eyes. She has fair, smooth skin and a pretty face.

    Her clothes are made for traveling, but are somewhat form-fitting. She wears black pants, a blue shirt, and brown travel boots. She also has a blue cloak, and two small cloth bags are tied to her waist.


    Personality: Ashley is a shy woman, on the surface. She tends to be rather quiet and soft spoken. She’s also not very confident of her own powers and appearance, with a borderline inferiority complex. Talking to her without an introduction can send her into a small panic.

    But if you’re patient with her, you’ll discover that she is quite the loyal friend. She will protect and help her companions and allies whenever she needs to. And when someone she likes is in danger, she’ll go to just about any means to take that danger away.

    She has a thirst for adventure, which is probably the main reason the illusionist ended up in the Nexus to begin with. Ashley wants to explore the unexplored, and see the unseen. It’s gotten her into trouble a few times, but she feels exhilaration when off the beaten path.

    Overall, Ashley is a meek, shy optimist who is loyal to her friends and craves exploration. Hence, she speaks in Navy.

    Equipment: Ashley carries no weapons, as she prefers to augment her own body with magical power.

    Abilities: Ashley’s main asset in combat is her ability to create complicated illusions from simple sights (known to her as catalysts.) Although she could use things in the environment (clouds, the moon, etc.) what she prefers is the sand she keeps in her bag, as it is magically charged, and helps her direct the illusion, based on the emotion she wants to provoke. For example, if she wanted to provoke fear, she would toss a small pinch of sand, and make a fearsome knight out of it. Only the intended targets can actually see the illusion.

    Although this is Ashley’s best magical ability, it is certainly not her only one. She has minor conjuration and divination abilities, able to scry, create basic spells, and enchant items. Outside of magic, she has a fair amount of skill in wielding her dagger. She is always researching further into magic, so she is also able to create different spells.

    Finally, she is completely immune to fire, mundane and magical. It doesn't burn her, and she doesn't feel pain (anymore, anyway.)

    Backstory: To come later.
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