[QUOTE=Beans;11405697]Krystyna 'Krys' Malden
Gender: Female
Race: Tigris
Age: Tigris age the same as humans do so 18 and a half.
Alignment: LN/LG
Class: Paladin / Alchemist

Krys is pretty much average except for the fact that she has black tiger stripes alllll over her body. Her hair is red but almost looks dark pink and she likes to keep it up out of her face. She is usually seen wearing an armor skirt and an armor top and carrying her sword and shield if she's not carrying things for her master.
Abilities: She can transform into a tiger that can walk on two legs.

Equipment: Sword, Shield, Healing potions
Personality: Krys is highly moralized. Doing the right thing is right and doing the wrong thing is wrong. However she is still a girl even if she is a warrior and squees at cute little bunnies and kittens and swoons over cute boys. She's also a little clumsy but don't let that bother you. She's only ever accidentally taken a limb off of someone once.