Race/Species:Lizardman, lizardfolk, argonian, etc; scaly anthropomorphic dude.
Age: 37
Alignment: CN would maybe be the most accurate, overall, but anthing adjacent to CG fits in some circumstance.
Class/Profession: Barbarian and Sorcerer are the terms by which Drulth was commonly called. In D20 terms, Drulth would be more akin to a Barbarian/Wizard, with some elements of pathfinder Witch.
Power Rating: Defensively, A-, offensively, C+; good at surviving more than immediately winning.
Description: Drulth is a hunched, reptilian creature. Although of normal height, most would figure him short, on account of his hunch. The pale, mintgreen remnants of his scars flicker over his scales like the trails of shooting stars. His eyes burn a dull but burning gold, without iris or pupil, and his figure is lean and bony. Drunkedness suits him, for it is the only state in which it is not painful to form his long, flat mouth into a smile other creatures could understand.
Personality: Drulth is long accustomed to, in one manner or the next, hiding his true self; few and far-between are the places, even for those who may travel freely between planes and realms, where an ophidian creature is not met with emnity. He is saturnine and wily by nature, free to being conversation, but closed to serious topics until his trust has been earned. Drulth is a creature enamoured of the dark for what it may hide from the world, from all those worlds which would intuitively despise him.

Equipment: Drulth carries with him innumerable instruments of battle, ready for enchantment, but prefers polearms and impact weapons, on the knowledge that any weapon which is to be used to kill is best used from far away, and the others best dull enought to be safe.
Abilities: Drulth is an extremely capable fighter, if subdued by his own wane of affect, and more apt than one would expect in the ways of sorcerery, especiall those aspects which pertain to nature, in one sense or another.

Backstory:Drulth grew up in a swamp, as most of his kind do, but soon found himself alone in the world; his father was sacrified as a heretic by the tribl shaman, his mother was absent always, in the name of caaring for them. Drulth left as soon as he had the magic to be able. Since, he has sought nothing more than a place to belong, with the other misfits and half-breeds.