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    Kathrine Wyrmhunter
    Alias: The Last Wyrmhunter
    Race: Humaan
    Age: 20
    Chaotic Good
    Profession: Dragon Hunter
    Power Rating: Hero of Legend
    Plate Mail and Helm Design:

    Kathrine has short dark green hair and golden eyes. She wears a helmet inscribed with runes that protect against a dragon's fire on it. The runes glow a steady blue. She wears plate mail that has runes inscribed on it that protect against a dragon's fire and makes it more resistant to damage and allows her to run faster. These runes glow purple. She has tanned skin that is flawless and freckles on her cheeks. She carries a sword that is made of metal that can break through a dragon's scales easily and has yellow glowing runes on it that protects it from a dragon's fire and from breaking. She carries a kite shield that has purple glowing runes on it that protects it against a dragon's fire and makes it more resistant to damage.*
    Personality: Kathrine is a happy person that helps people often. She gets uncomfortable around half-dragons that do good and other good dragons. She gets angry at dragons really easy as well. She doesn't believe that anything with even a single drop of dragon blood can ever be good. She doesn't really respond to flirting.
    Equipment: A helmet that protects against a dragon's fire. Plate that protects against a dragon's fire and is tougher then normal plate and allows the wearer to move faster. A sword that breaks through a dragon's scales easily and is resistant to a dragon's fire. A shield that is tougher than a normal one and is resistant to a dragon's fire. A pouch filled with 200 gold pieces. A pendant that helps her sense if dragons are nearby. It glows blue the closer it gets to a real dragon. This doesn't work on half-dragons and psuedodragons. None of the runes on her equipment that makes them better than normal work if someone who doesn't have the blood of a Wyrmhunter tries to use them. She is making a bow that is effective against dragons, but it isn't finished yet.
    Ablities: Because of a result of much training since her birth, she is quite skilled with any weapon. She's best with a Longsword, a Longbow, and a Greataxe. She is very skilled at fighting dragons and knows many of the tricks they try to pull in fights. The iron that is in her blood hurts dragons like holy water on a vampire. This iron is what set the Wyrmhunter line apart from other families. Her sword was made from a collection of the iron in Wyrmhunter blood over a very long period of time. It has always been around and is reforged every time a new bearer is chosen. Her blood without the iron in it acts as an elixir for dragons that makes them regenerate faster than normal.
    Backstory: Kathrine Wyrmhunter comes from a long line of Wyrmhunters. She is a 22nd Generation Wyrmhunter who's blood is pure Wyrmhunter. She was trained from birth to hate and to fight dragons. Her father was the bearer of the Wyrmhunter Sword before her, and his blood's iron was added to the sword after he died and the sword was reforged. In her world, dragons roamed the planet and attacked humaans for no reason. The first Wyrmhunter started the fight against these dragons and it has carried on ever since. When Kathrine was 18, she finished her training and became a full-fledged dragon hunter. He father died around that time, so she inheirited the Wyrmhunter Sword. When she was 19, her town was destroyed, killing anyone else with Wyrmhunter blood that lived there. Her town was also the last place with Wyrmhunter blood. She escaped only by the nearby river. She went back later to retrieve the armor and weapons of the Wyrmhunters, but the bow was destroyed. She went around the world then, killing all of the dragons that attacked her town and eventually killed the Mother Dragon in her nest. She took the Mother Dragon's scales for arrows, the sharpest and strongest you could get. It took her 1 year to hunt down all of the dragons. Right when she left the cave of the Mother Dragon, she fell into a rift of time and space. She ended up in the Nexus.
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