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    Default [3.5e Bloodline] Emergent Atrocity (PEACH)

    I recently stumbled across this wonderful example of homebrewing and couldn't resist the urge to make a suitably monstrous bloodline for it.

    Emergent Atrocity
    Fun Fact: If you put "Mutant" into Deviantart, half of what you get is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    They're mad scientists. What did you think would happen? Apparently taking a baby and grafting it at a very early stage can produce... odd results. Who would have guessed? If the procedure is done correctly, said child can be grafted with one, three or five grafts that become ingrained in the vict- subject's body to a degree not possible later in life. These grafts begin dormant and only later on become both visible and... functional. For some reason people think these individuals are "Weird". No clue where that comes from. Maybe they have a thing against tentacles.


    1 Intimidate +2
    2 Intimidate +2 Emergent Graft 1st
    3 Constitution +1
    4 Intimidate +2 Emergent Graft 1st Mutagenic Body
    5 Grafted Affinity +2
    6 Constitution +1 Emergent Graft 1st
    7 Jump +2
    8 Emergent Graft 1st Mutagenic Body Suppress Graft
    9 Strength +1
    10 Grafted Affinity +2 Emergent Graft 2nd
    11 Grafted Affinity +4
    12 Constitution +1 Emergent Graft 1st Aberration
    13 Climb +2
    14 Jump +2 Emergent Graft 2nd
    15 Dexterity +1
    16 Mutagenic Body Suppress Graft Form Control
    17 Grafted Affinity +6
    18 Strength +1 Emergent Graft 3rd
    19 Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +2
    20 Grated Affinity +2 Emergent Graft 2nd Final Mutation

    Emergent Graft: The special procedure results in the Atrocity having a number of grafts that begin dormant and slowly awaken. Each time they gain this ability, they choose one graft of the indicated level to get. These grafts do not count towards their 1+Con limit, though they still occupy the indicated slots. The Xenoalchemist level of these grafts is 1/4, 1/2 or 1X the level of the Atrocity, depending on bloodline strength, as they advance as the Atrocity grows in power. Postop Procedure may be used to increase the level of these grafts, in which case they use the greater of the Xenoalchemist's level and the level indicated by this bloodline. These grafts may not be removed to be replaced by other grafts. The procedure's efforts to integrate them with the subject produce a slightly inconvenient side-effect - their removal would result in the death of said subject.

    Mutagenic Body: Atrocities have Grafts from a very early age, even if they haven't yet manifested. As a result the power of all Grafts attached to them is slightly greater. They gain Mutagenic Body as a bonus feat which applies both to Emergent Grafts and normal ones.

    Grafted Affinity: Those with grafts recognize the Atrocity as the pinnacle of the art. The Atrocity gains a bonus on all social interaction checks with individuals that have one or more grafts.

    Suppress Graft: The grafts start dormant. One can make them dormant again, with proper focus. The Atrocity gains the ability to force their Grafts back into a dormant state for one of two purposes. They can be replaced by their mundane counterparts (most likely for disguise) or they can leave the slot open for another graft to be attached. If choosing the first option, this ability supplies the mundane part. The second requires a Xenoalchemist to attach the new part. At any time the Atrocity may choose to reassert their Emergent Graft, either replacing the mundane part or destroying the other graft. Causing a Graft to go dormant takes a full round action.

    Aberration: There's no doubt about it - The Atrocity is an Aberration. They gain the Aberration type as well as several benefits that usually go along with said type: Darkvision to 60ft and immunity to effects that target humanoids only, such as Charm Person and Dominate Person.

    Form Control: The Atrocity has attained perfect control over their being. It cannot be changed without their consent. They become immune to any transmutation effect unless they are willing to accept it.

    Final Mutation: What the heck is that thing? It's not a human (or dwarf or elf or...). We knew that back at level 12. But I just stabbed it in the heart and partially digested mutton came out. ... What? The Atrocity's body has undergone it's final mutation. Their organs have morphed and rearranged to be most suitable to the structure of their Grafts. As a result their anatomy is... not that which most would expect. There is a 75% chance that a given sneak attack or critical hit is negated and damage rolled normally unless the attacker knows the secrets of their anatomy - something which may be garnered with a DC 10 + Atrocity's level Heal check. The creator of the Atrocity knows this without having to make the check.

    The procedure itself is pretty straightforward. It is done just as normal grafting is, except that the grafts must be of a certain number and level for the bloodlines (one 1st for Minor; two 1st, one 2nd for Intermediate; and three 1st, two 2nd and one 3rd for Major). The DCs are all increased by 10 given the tricky nature of the operation such that the full effects are not realized (in which case they would count towards the normal 1+Con limit, which would almost certainly cause a number of the grafts to be rejected and in any case result in normal grafts, not a progressing bloodline).

    Just because they're called "Bloodlines" doesn't mean you can't take some creative license on the nature of said "Bloodline"'s origin.

    I said I would make one. So I made one.


    Blood Study
    You've learned the workings of supernatural blood.
    Prerequisite: Xenoalchemy, Heal 8
    Benefit: You may harvest supernatural blood from any creature possessing or capable of giving birth to an individual with a bloodline just as you would harvest any other material. "Grafting" said bloodline onto an individual requires the usual time and checks and fills the Body slot. Bloodlines are odd in that they exert a special strain on their bearer. While they have the Bloodline Graft the subject gains a number of negative levels appropriate to their level and the degree of the bloodline which remain as long as the subject has the graft and disappear when the graft is removed. Minor Bloodlines count as 2nd level Grafts, Intermediate as 3rd and Major as 4th. You cannot add a bloodline to an individual who already has a bloodline.

    Blood Alchemy
    You've mastered the art of mixing supernatural bloodlines.
    Prerequisite: Blood Study, Heal 13
    Benefit: You now have greater control over the blood that you harvest. Firstly you can "Water Down" a sample of blood. A Major Bloodline Graft can be made into two Intermediate Bloodlines which can then each be made into two Minor Bloodlines. Using this same method you can blend bloodlines to create Mudblood Bloodlines as long as the combination is viable (one of the four options listed). This mastery of bloodlines also allows you to "graft" additional bloodlines onto individuals that already have natural bloodlines. You graft the new bloodline on as you usually would, but the result is a Mudblood bloodline. The subject gains a number of negative levels appropriate to their level and the new magnitude of their bloodline for as long as the grafted bloodline remains. This may only be used if the subject has a Minor or Intermediate Bloodline and the new bloodline must be of the same level.
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