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How... inconvenient the one accidental class of mine I like seems to be one thats getting complaints of being over powered (?).
You do realize that once you post a class on the homebrew thread, people naturally attempt to give helpful critique, yes? If you don't want people to give their opinions, simply state so in the thread title.

That said, I really like this class! It does a better job of portraying a samurai-ish character from any anime I've seen better than any others I've looked at. I like the little bit about the alignment, the flavor and 'feel' of the abilities, and they all scale in power nicely. Plus, they get flexible spellcasting, but it's not too flexible, and an aesthetic sage will naturally be prone to picking touch spells as an added balancing factor.

The only suggestions I would offer is to perhaps drop the skills per level (2 or 4) and possibly the Hit Dice, but that one's kinda 'eh.' Oh, and add on a typed bonus for Form abilities to help avoid confusion on stacking (Insight looks like a good fit). Additionally, the class features could use a bit of clean up and polish, but things read decently as is.

Overall, looks good, feels right, and well-balanced. Good work