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    This class is far from weaker. Duskblade doesn't in fact get heavy armor casting
    Actually mithral heavy armor counts as medium armor, so a duskblade can use it at level 4.,
    This class gains a save bonus and AC bonus from Cha, which is it's primary score, let alone the static raise to AC
    doesn't matter much, this class cant wear armor.
    Lastly this class gains a better form of channeling than the duskblade has, a full 5 levels before it
    Actually the duskblade gains the exact ability as this class at 3rd level, not 6th, so the duskblade is still better when it comes to melee combat at least, as one is likely to have heavy armor, a martial weapon, and a heavy shield., While the Aesthetic Mage is going to only have simple weapons, and one martial or exotic weapon, and no armor, or shields., This class is meant to be more of a caster then a melee brute I think.
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