Yes your right about the armor. And this class has all the defensive magic it needs to survive since it has whatever spells it wants. And no, the duskblade can channel for a single attack at level 3, which this class does at level 2. A duskblade can channel a full attack at level 13, which this class does at 8, plus other channel abilities. Let alone the the last boost to channeling at 20.

And as an additive about the armor, this class still has bracers of armor. And since the only stat it needs boosted is Cha, which powers saves, AC, attacks, and damage.

In addition to the defense magic it can cast, this class also has the whole line of rogue defense class features and a further improvement to them in Timed Escape. And then it also has Reactive Reflexes, which is even more icing to a cake that is already far to sweet.