Abraham Jones

Alias: Angel Eyes
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 43
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class/Profession: Bounty Hunter
Power Rating: 4 when in fisticuffs, 5 when using his gun
Description: Wears an old, beat-up western duster, a red bandana, black sunglasses, jeans, cowboy chaps, a belt, white shirt, black vest, left hand fingerless glove, right hand full black glove, old beat up brown cowboy hat, and two ammo belts. Both his eyes are cybernetic, as is most of his head, his entire right arm, and most of his torso.
Personality: A man who just wants to see justice in the world, and for the people of the Nexus to have safe and stable lives. Of course his dealing of this justice is brutal and swift.
Equipment: His revolvers (.44 magnums), ammo in the ammo belts, and a bag full of misc things. On the ocasion he forms a posse, he likes to bust out a winchester rifle he keeps hidden somewhere.
Abilities: Because of his robotic arm and computer assissted targeting with his aim he can draw and shoot faster and more accurately than a normal person. The parts of his body covered in robotic parts are generally bulletproof and damage resistant.
Backstory: Originally an officer of the law for many years, he grew disgusted by all the injustice he saw in the world, all the crimes committeed, and the guilty getting away with their crimes. Ultimately he turned in his badge, sold his house and all worldly possessions, and used the money raised to buy himself the mechanical implants he now uses, to give himself an edge over all the scum he planned to deal justice to, one bullet at a time.
Miscellaneous: Sometimes he will form a posse if he's dealing with some pretty nasty sob's