Alias: Once operated as a KNAVE (now defunct organization that enforced a highly twisted brand of justice) under the name of Sir Conviction

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Humanish

Age: ?- Appears to be in his thirties.

Class/Profession: Blackguard

Description: Hyde is a very large man, seven feet tall and sturdily built. His hair is dark and kept short, his face clean shaven. His features are harsh and striking, as if arrogance and cruelty are part of his very appearance. Most notable in his appearance is his eyes. Depending on the state of his 'diet', they glow red to one degree or another. When weak his irises merely gleam slightly, when strong his eyes become two blazing crimson orbs. A large brand in the shape of a pentagram stretches across his back.


Equipment: Torn gray clothing.
A small pouch that contains more than it appears.
The Grey Knight's Spear and Armor- a powerful set of infernal equipment that enhances Hyde's powers. They are tied to his soul-eating and can only be summoned when he has consumed at least once recently.

Abilities: Hyde is highly skilled in close combat, especially with his favored weapon, spears. He is possessed of great strength and can use his size to his advantage. However, his true capabilities come from his ties to the demonic. He is capable of powerful magic, especially in relation to the infernal. This comes at a price. To power these abilities, he must feed on souls. He has a few natural abilities in relation to this- the ability to consume souls, to sense them, and to manipulate them in certain ways.