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    Default Re: [3.5e Bloodline] Dragon Descendant (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cipherthe3vil View Post
    yes yes, once every ten rounds for 10d6 at level twenty I read that.
    For three levels I'd spend to get that I could take three levels of spell casting and get orb of fire or something.

    Granted you won't run out of it, but at the same time I've always played casters, minus my first ever D&D game and my last as well as current games, and I've never had problems running out of spells before :/

    I think what I'm really getting at here is just getting wings isn't a very good cap.
    Well it's really dependent on what kind of character you're playing. A Barbarian with a Major Red Dragon Bloodline for example could make great use of the breath weapon, especially with the save being Con based. The same character wouldn't get anything along those lines were they a Tied.

    Though after reading back through, I do see that this is missing something many of my more recent bloodlines have - a proper Capstone. I think I might rewrite the 20th level special for the Major line and just incorporate the wings into it.

    Edit: Added the ability for them to turn into dragons. Maybe that'll make it a little more enticing. (Though at that point they already have the breath weapon and the wings... As well as the majority of the supernatual abilities posessed by their dragon. Mostly they just get a physical attribute boost.)
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