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    Call me John
    Alias: Hope, Order, Knowledge
    Race: Immortal
    Age: Infinity
    Chaotic Neutral
    Profession: Immortal
    Power Rating: A B, eventually becomes an S the more he re-learns and the older he gets.
    Teenager Form:

    He looks like a little boy about the age of 8 with really short brown hair with a cowlick. He has green eyes in this form and fair skin. He also has long, pointed ears. When he is within the pyschoplane, he looks like a 20 year old version of his 8 year old form.
    Personality: He does things because he's bored. So he does things unexpectedly sometimes to create excitement. He tries to be amiable most if the time.
    Equipment: He wears jeans and a green t-shirt most of the time, though he can easily wear anything.
    Ablities: He has all the powers of an Archmage of the highest caliber, plus abilities that gods have. He doesn't have access to all of them yet, because he restarted and he has to learn everything again.
    Backstory: John has always been one for law and order. His backstory doesn't matter because he doesn't remember any of it.
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