Lucian Rolain

Alias:Guest#1, The PolterGuest
Alignment: True Nuetral (leans toward chaotic/good at times)
Profession:Bard (not the elan bard...smarter than that)
power rating:4 by Quinsar
description:middle aged half-elf, has shoulder-length black hair with 3 blue stripes running through it. wears a light grey t-shirt (closer inspection reveals a dragon print), blue-jeans, and black boots, wears a slightly shorter than average black trenchcoat over his shirt and a dark grey trilby. carries a scimitar-ish longsword with a flame aura. is sometimes seen with a large bestial-looking fire elemental.
personality:moody, although almost always has a smile on his face, and is very understanding of others. knows almost all languages known to man, except for druidic...freakin' druids...very touchy about his past.
equipment:aformentioned longsword...leather armor glimmered to look like a trench-coat/trilby...a red gemstone on a pendant, with which he casts spells...
abilities:highly skilled singer, minors in the arcane arts and dexterious combat. kind-of a squishy.
Backstory:to come later