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Thread: Tome of Battle: Why is it Divisive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vultawk View Post
    Personally, I don't care. I've recently offered it as an option to my group and they declined it for the most part.

    I do find it clashing with the flavor of the my game. ("Too anime" isn't exactly it, but it comes close. "Too eastern" maybe? "Too Oriental"? I dunno.) It's the same as Psionics (though Psionics is "too Sci-Fi" or "too Superhero"). It also provides a new system to learn, but that's a minor hurdle.

    The "video game-y" thing is something I can see. That's my issue with 4e, and my issue with feats, and it applies to ToB as well. In earlier editions, you had your THAC0 roll and you were encouraged to use it creatively. After 3e and feats, that creativity seems to be somewhat muted. Instead of trying new and interesting things in combat, PCs had something like "special moves" that they could use. It was "I swing my sword." all over again, only in different permutations (and even if the PCs could do something, no one wanted to without the "Improved" version provided by a feat. 4e's "point and click" stuff has the same issue, and much of the ToB's maneuvers feel like that.

    Yes, you can do creative things within all systems, but being spoonfed certain things allows people to be as uncreative and undescriptive as ever, while still being able to pull off being "cool". "Cool" is in quotes because unless you come up with the idea and description for what you're doing (be it making an attack roll or using an Iron Dragon maneuver), it's the game that's cool, not you.

    But I digress, I don't mind the ToB. Do I dislike certain things about it? Yes. Would I prefer that the classes be renamed (i.e. not "Warblade", it's "Fighter", etc.)? Yes. Will I decide to ban it as a whole? Probably not. (Though certain parts go out the window in regards to the campaign setting.)
    Do you find monks to clash with your flavour as well?

    And an actual excerpt from German Fencing...
    First, you assume the From-the-Day1 stance. Then drop your sword and cut -- This is the Strike of Wrath.2 Now, if you want to defend there's the Iron Door3 stance...

    Italian Fencing...
    First, you assume the Falcon Guard4 stance...

    English fencing...
    First, you assume the Hawk Bill5 stance...

    1 Vom Tag
    2 Zornhau
    3 Eisenport
    4 Posta di Falcone
    5 Haukse Bill
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