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    Reginald Fancybritches
    Alias: The Hugging Butler
    Age: 22
    Race: Human-Part Nymph
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: Butler
    Power Rating: A B+ in hand to hand combat. A D with a weapon. A C+ with silverware. A C- with firearms.
    Description: Reginald has short black hair and light skin. He has dark blue eyes that seem to mesmerize those who look into them. He usually wears a Victorian Era Suit with coat-tails and white gloves. He keeps a pocket watch in his pocket. Has a tattoo.

    Personality: Reginald is depressed a lot because of the bomb in his brain. He also rarely talks.
    Equipment: Victorian Era Suit. Pocket Watch with 4 green liquid filled vials that act as Deux Ex Machinas. White Gloves. A Legal Pad. His Fists.
    Ablities: He is a master of hand to hand fighting and is a master with silverware which e uses as ranged weapons. He moves extremely fast when he's just using his fists. When he uses a weapon he is significantly slower. He made a deal with the devil a while ago to become one hell of a butler. This demon was later killed by a paladin traveling through the worlds and Reginald got to keep his powers and his soul.
    Back Story: Reginald has never been much of a talker, he rarely talks and only then it's to dispense advice. He mostly writes things down on a notepad. His world is a Steampunk-Victorian Era World. He was trained from a young age to be the best butler he could be, while also being trained to protect his master. He was trained heavily in hand to hand fighting and throwing silverware since he wouldn't always have a gun or sword available. As such he is extremely proficient with his fists and silverware, being a master of hand to hand fighting and an expert at throwing silverware. At the age of 14, he struck a deal with a demon to become the best butler he could be. This gave him amazing speed while using only his fists and great accuracy when throwing silverware. When he was 16, a paladin killed the demon, and he was able to keep his powers and his soul. At the age of 20, he pissed off the wrong kind of person who implanted a small bomb inside his head, if he doesn't hug someone every 3 hours it will go off. It starts beeping when he has only an hour left, and then it gets faster and faster until he runs out of time. Thankfully, he has trained himself to only need to sleep 10 minutes an hour. He came to Nexus through the world connection service on his world, which is a major stepping stone between all of the worlds. You can reach any world by traveling to his world, thanks to the advanced technology. Reginald is also an expert on all steam based technology, and, if given enough time and materials, he could build a steam powered mecha. Reginald wishes to find a job in Nexus(having abandoned his old job. He can be hunted down and killed for abandoning his butler job which lasts for life. Kids like Reginald are specially breed to protect a person till the day they die). He wishes to butler again, but not have to butler until he dies. Kids like Reginald are specially breed from nymphs and humans to create a good looking butler.
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