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    Darst VonRog


    Alias: Darst. Just Darst.

    Gender: MAN

    Race/Species: Deep dwarf

    Age: Middle-aged. About equivalent to a humanís 21

    Alignment: Chaotic Sunthinerother.

    Class/Profession: Miner, survivor.

    Power Rating: C+

    Description: A dwarf with grey skin and blue glowing eyes, wears nothing short of leather armor and a mining helmet. Rich, course, black beard. A real dwarven beard. Always has his pick.

    Personality: Jaded from spending too long underground, paranoid from too many ambushes, and cranky from the bottom of his boots, but gives respect to those who deserve it and always tries to find a third option.

    Equipment: Heavy pick, mining helmet, leather, and survival equipment. Often carries enough rations for three days.

    Has since received a helmet of the mist from a random encounter.

    Abilities: As a deep dwarf, he has darkvision and low-light vision better than mountain dwarves. The mines have served as a bottomless resource for honing his body into a hard mass of muscle and bone. The creatures in the caverns of the depths have helped train him in with his pick, fists, feet, and whatever else might be in his hand at the moment. Finally, deep dwarves are prone to a rage in which they focus on one enemy until they are dead. (There are two ways to read that sentence, both are accurate)

    Backstory: Cut off from his mining party, Darst had to navigate the tunnels, hoping that he would find a recognizable path before something else found him a recognizable meal. Surprise: he found his way to the surface. Now what is a hard core deep miner síposed ta do?
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