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    Jack Note
    Alias: The Music Maestro
    Age: 25
    Race: Half-Elf
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Profession:Singing Criminal
    Power Rating: C+
    Description: Has emerald green hair that is slicked back. Wears a green suit with music notes on it. Has a cane shaped like a music note. Has emerald green eyes and has fair skin.
    Suit Design:

    Personality: Impulsive, wild. More to be developed IC.
    Equipment: An emerald green suit with black music notes on it. A note shaped cane that acts as a microphone. The notes on his suit act as amps. He can plug in his cane to other amps but is wirelessly connected to his suit.
    Ablities: His voice is on a wavelength that hypnotized people into doing his bidding when he sings. This can be blocked by earplugs and some people are resistant to it. He also has a well toned body but isn't skilled in melee.
    Back Story: When he was a kid he was picked on for being in choir. When his voice reached a pitch higher then before he found that the bullies were under his control. He then learned how to do this on command. He later teamed up with his father, Marleone, to commit crimes together an help his father prove that he's a great bard. He usually makes the people under his control sing while doing the crime for him.
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