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    "I don't think ya heard me the first time. Stop with the eldritch chanting or I'll-" [Speech interrupted by the sound of laser fire]

    Name: Trent Armitage

    Sex: Male

    Personality Notes: He is not entirely sane, likely having looked one too many madness-inducing things in the eye, but seems relatively stable so long as he doesn't start torching things. A number of things will set him off, though. Mainly, cultists. He hates cultists more than most people do for some reason.

    Trent has a small stealth ship of sorts. It's a high-tech craft, but not large, on par with, say, a standard shuttlecraft. It looks almost like a futuristic jet, though, with twin engines in the rear and small wings in a similar position on the side. A bulge, contrasting with the rest of the otherwise sleek craft, is in the middle of it, up to what would appear to be the cockpit.

    The engines look fairly standard for, you know, a jet, but they're very quiet, similar to Imperial gunships' whisper engines.

    It looks somewhat like this from above, though less crudely made in Inkscape, obviously. The cockpit area is raised up a bit from the rest of the craft, and it's sleeker in general and closer to the previous description compared to my crude Inkscape dabblings.

    As for the lower area, there's what looks like retractable armor covering something on the underside of the craft, probably a VTOL engine or something of that sort...actually, there are two such sections, one around the middle-the VTOL engine, probably-and a much smaller one closer to the cockpit. That one looks more like it's for dropping a person.

    The ship is capable of cloaking as well.

    Appearance: Trent is a fairly average-looking man with short but messy brown hair, dark eyes, and a scar slashing diagonally across his face from above the right eye down and to the left. He has a soldierly build, but he's no hulking giant or anything.


    Trent's original main weapon is a variable-setting assault laser rifle. It has been somewhat modified by someone since its introduction, and can be dialed from weak, extremely rapid-fire shots up to very slow, powerful shots, and everything in between. It also has an 'inferno' setting that fires a very powerful shot designed for maximum raw heat in order to cause targets to ignite. As one final note, the laser rifle usually fires bright blue beams, with the inferno setting firing a brilliant orange beam. The rifle also has a mid-range scope.

    Another weapon is a stunner laser pistol, which fires a wide red beam of weak strength meant to stun normal human-level opponents. It does have a stronger kill-setting, however.

    Trent's also obtained a large-caliber Stub Automatic pistol of excellent craftsmanship over the course of his time here. It's loaded with armor-piercing Man Stopper rounds.

    Other weapons besides these are a new assortment of flame weapons, going from a hand flamer, to a standard-sized flamer, up to a large squad flamer normally only able to be carried by two men. It only becomes usable to a single human if they're in power armor.

    He also possesses a rather unusual dagger. It is essentially anathema to supernatural creatures in general, tending to cut through them with great ease and even cause surrounding flesh to die. It is particularly effective against divine magic-infused creatures, and who knows what it would do to a also has a disrupting effect on magic in general.

    (No, he doesn't carry all those weapons at once, why do you ask? )

    An odd item in his possession is a magic crystal he uses to cast defensive magic, tending to glow when he does so. Common uses by Trent include propelling him into the air and slowing his fall after such leaps. He never uses it offensively, though. He has said that it is unstable and is the last remnant of magic in an otherwise null-magic world, however. It is black in coloration and has a rough, uncut appearance.

    Trent's original armor is rather light, in order to prevent impairment of mobility. It's fairly futuristic in appearance, bearing some resemblance to a much lighter version of power armor, and is colored in black and white. There's a small backpack-like storage compartment on the back for storage of any variety of items that will fit in it.

    In addition to this, he's obtained a heavier (but still relatively light) suit of power armor. This one is red, and covered in lines of text-prayers to protect its wearer.

    He also has a set of high tech goggles that are capable of scanning for various kinds of energies, normal and supernatural alike.
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