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    Lord Gazebo

    Aliases: Gah'zey'boh, The Dread Gazebo, The Grand and Mighty Lord of All Pavilions, The Render of Vows, The Anathema of Love, Terrence
    Gender: Irrelevant, though He is usually referred to in the masculine
    Race: Pavilion structure
    Age: His essence has existed in fractured pieces ever since the original design of the accursed structures was first formulated by the long-extinct Carpenter Gnomes of yore, though He has only made whole and given a purpose recently
    Alignment: Chaotic Wood
    Power Level: S, although the extent to which He can exert His power depends upon the strength of His current host
    Description: Lord Gazebo is a malevolent, incorporeal spirit that lurks within the Nexus, and is thus hard to describe in terms of appearance. He takes on the form of His current host when He manifests, with an additional pair of horrible, unblinking eyes to the roof of the structure.

    Personality: Gazebo's personality is hard to determine, what with Him being a manifestation of hatred that never speaks and prefers spending His time murdering lovers and lurking in gardens. There are a few things that are known for certain: He is wrathful, violent, and he despises affection.

    Abilities: When in a docile state, Lord Gazebo is incapable of directly interfering with the physical world. He is merely able to instill in unknowing mortals the desire to construct bodies for Him to manifest within when the time comes. Those affected by His influence explain the structures away as tasteful decorations for their parks and gardens, though this is merely a false assurance. All gazebos lead to Him, and within each lurks He. Through these buildings, these waypoints of His malice, He watches. He is always watching.

    Whenever feelings of intense love are expressed near one of His grand altars, Lord Gazebo becomes enraged and manifests. The approach of Gazebo is usually heralded by a darkening of the sky and the sound of creaking boards. Once manifested, Gazebo has total control over His host of choice, and is capable of reshaping the structure as He pleases. He is mostly limited to using the materials of His host, although He is capable of incorporating nearby constructs into His form when necessary. He is also capable of manifesting within other, similar structures, although He seems to prefer those which bear his dreadful name. When enraged, He cannot be deterred from His goal of destruction by any means, and pursues the targets of His hatred until either He or they are destroyed. He is immune to arrows and attempts to detect his intentions, and fears only fire and lumberjacks.
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