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    Alias: That Perverted Teenager
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Cupid
    Age: 17
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class/Profession: Archer
    Power Rating: D
    Description: Normally going barefoot, he wears a pair of white patchwork pants and a sleeveless black shirt. Physically, he looks like a fit 16-year-old boy with small wings that can still somehow support his weight. He always has his bow and quiver with him. ALWAYS.
    Personality: Somewhat sadistic, Tuun likes to watch the chaos when two people who really shouldn't fall in love, or, sometimes worse, fall in lust. In person, he's fun and clever, though sarcastic most of the time.
    Equipment: All Tuun has is his bow, arrows, and the clothes on his back.
    Abilities: As a Cupid, Tuun has the uncanny ability to fly despite his wings being nowhere large enough to support him. His other two abilities are his arrows. The Love arrows are semi-permanent; they'll make people feel deep caring for the person struck by the second arrow, as well as the other way arround. They can be dispelled, and if a person denies their newfound feelings for this person long enough, they'll eventually go away (How long is necessary is up to the player). The lust arrows are Tuun's own creation and are much more powerful, but short lived. The pair struck by them will feel an overwhelming desire to curtain with the other person. About an hour after they finish up, the lust will wear off, leaving both of the people struck unable to remember what happened while they were under the effects of the arrows. Finally, he has the ability to enter most places with ease, a special ability of Cupidss. Nobody locks out love, after all.
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