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    Character Post 1 (Soul Society Characters)

    Kina Yoshimoto, Beginner Quincy

    Picture provided by the ever-talented Kasanip.

    Name (Family, Given): Yoshimoto Kina

    Position/Allegiance: Quincy

    Vital Stats:
    Age: 16
    Height: 4' 10"
    Weight: 115 lb.
    Reiatsu/Spiritual Color: Sea Green
    Health: Healthy

    Kina's most obvious feature is her short and thin form, which Kina carries relatively awkwardly. Her bright blue eyes shine with a deep intelligence but also hold within them a great sorrow. She hides it well behind a bright and consistent smile, however. Her shoulder-length brown hair naturally waves as it falls down. Compared to the average, her skin is pale but not noticeably so. Her youth gives her a sense of innocence.

    She can generally be found in typical teenage girl's clothes or her school uniform. She always wears her glasses, though she owns a pair of contacts. Always around Kina's wrist is a bracelet bearing a cross of blue and silver. The glasses she wears also bear the same symbol on the side supports.

    Kina is generally unsure of herself. She tends to be quiet and calm around friends, but when put out of her comfort zone she lacks confidence in herself. As such, her success in school varies constantly, leaving her somewhere in the middle average of the class. Kina also can't be the center of attention. However, she is capable of overcoming this when her friends are in need, and can even gain confidence beyond her norm in such a situation.

    When she is not on the spot, Kina can be incredibly friendly and compassionate, always offering a hand when she can and never backing down from a need. She is completely reliable, and seems to find time to do what needs to be done even when it seems impossible. If given a task, Kina will work at it constantly until she has achieved something nearly perfect.

    Loyalty and truth are key qualities to Kina. She believes strongly in being loyal to those who show the same to her. Willingly breaking someone's trust is a transgression she cannot forgive, no matter who they are or why they did it. Additionally, she does not believe that any lie can be good, even when in protection of someone else. As such, Kina is always completely sincere, even to the point of being brutally honest. She will only hide the truth when she is protecting the trust of another, and even then she will question the choice.

    Despite his father's disapproval, Yoshimoto Kenji could not help but marry his high school sweetheart. This marriage, however, put Kenji on the street, left without the assistance of his father's company. However, he and his wife were able to lead a passable lifestyle. Kenji founded a successful cooking enterprise, and he was able to create a comfortable living for himself, his wife, and his daughter, Yoshimoto Kina. Kina was the reason for their marriage, the reason for Kenji's disownment, and the reason for the break in the Yoshimoto family.

    This break, however, grew closed when Kina began to exhibit a connection with the spirit world. She could see ghosts at a young age, and she was aware of the existence of hollows when she watched one eat a spirit from a distance. These images frightened her, and Kenji was forced to bring his daughter to her grandfather. Immediately recognizing the signs, Kina's grandfather adopted Kina, offering to return her to her parents when she was old enough to understand what was going on with her. Until then, she would be trained and tutored by her own grandfather.

    Kina did not see her father again. Her grandfather trained her and trained her, but Kina was never able to exhibit the powers of a Quincy. Though she tried, she could not form the necessary bow. Despite his fury, her grandfather refused to return her to her father, a man who had refused his ancestry as a Quincy rather than accept it. He pushed her and pushed her in her training, but no amount of encouragement could make Kina succeed. For her childhood years, Kina was forced to endure a stressful training regimen. When she entered junior high school, however, her grandfather began to let up. Though they still practiced constantly for 2 years, Kina and her grandfather grew more distant as Kina became more and more engrossed in school.

    Near the end of her 1st year, Kina's grandfather told her, "It is no longer up to me whether you succeed as a Quincy or not. That is now up to you." These last words haunted Kina. Her grandfather passed away soon after, and Kina promised him she would learn the Quincy art, no matter how far she had to go. It was then that she first manifested her bow, holding her grandfather's Quincy Cross in her hand.

    Kina has a purpose now. And she had one other thing. A note left behind by her grandfather informed her that her parents were waiting to see her. And it so happened that Kina had an aunt who lived nearby her parents, an aunt who was willing to take her in now that her legal guardian had left her nothing to support herself with. But Kina was devoted. She would master her abilities before she sought out her parents, no matter what.

    Style/Abilities: Kina is at the very beginning of her career as a Quincy. As such, her ability to produce her Quincy Bow and fire Quincy Arrows is only just beginning. She can barely hold her bow together, and with her bow active Kina can only make a single shot before her ability to manipulate reishi breaks. Because of this, Kina avoids combat whenever possible. However, Kina has incredible skill with Hirenkyakku, capable of moving speeds rivaling that of trained shinigami. Her main method of combat involves using this ability to move at high speeds while she prepares herself for the single shot she is capable of. Her aim is generally good enough that she can score the one hit necessary to eliminate basic enemies. Kina has extremely limited ability with all other combat-related Quincy techniques.

    Eventually, Kina will develop the ability to control her bow and advance her bow's abilities as well as her basic Quincy abilities, such as Ginto and Ransotenkai. That will be her first "level-up." Then plot will force her to require the Quincy Glove, which she will train for before appearing with it later in the plot. She'll use it in combat for a while, probably proving to be quite proficient with it. She might even advance to using Steele Schindlers during this time. At some point, however, she'll be forced to Quincy Final Form to defend her friends from a foe far above their level. By that time, if the game's not over, Kina will probably try to adapt to a life without powers, perhaps providing her mental abilities to her team if necessary. I'd likely have her not regain her powers after she Final Forms, but if she really needs to be involved in a final fight afterwards, I'll probably have her show up really pissed off that she had to go through it all. If she gets her powers back, I'd probably have it turn into an episode with whoever plays the mentor Quincy.

    Quincy Bow: スズメフクロウ Suzume Fukurou (Mousing Owl). Kina's bow is incredibly weak due to her lack of skill, and therefore is barely large enough to fire. It generally takes the form of a short bow, incredibly small even for Kina. Because she can maintain it for such a short time, Kina generally does not show off her bow or describe the name it has.

    Armin, Bount Mercenary, Assassin, and Bounty Hunter
    Name: Armin, the "Brown Rose"

    Position/Allegiance: None

    Race: Bount

    Vital Stats:
    Age: Unknown, probably 250-300
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 163 lb.
    Reiatsu/Spiritual Color: Dark Red
    Health: Healthy

    Armin is cold. He cares little for other people's emotions and feelings, and is generally aloof. The concerns of others are not concerns of his. Even things that interest him generally do not receive any amount of obvious attention. Everyone is a threat to him, everyone a possible danger or a possible attachment that Armin, in his line of work, does not wish to keep. Almost none of his alliances are permanent, and he is willing to work for one side one day and his enemies the next.

    In general, Armin speaks very rarely, even to those he considers friends. When he does speak, it is usually in very short sentences. However, Armin's voice is actually quite soothing, almost always calm and relatively deep. Should he truly have something to say, his words are often full of hidden meanings or implications. Those who hear his real voice generally only hear them before they meet their demise.

    In terms of interests, Armin generally only cares about his job, his tools, and his survival. He only accepts payment for his jobs in either technological improvements on his current arsenal or spiritual energy for him to feed on. He is constantly working, even when not hired. Sometimes he organizes, sometimes he repairs, sometimes he observes. But always, Armin is working.

    Armin looks somewhere in his thirties. When seen, he appears clearly Eastern European. His skin has a slight tan tone, somewhere between yellow and bleach white. His irises are an ocean color, slightly green but slightly blue. Though rarely seen, his light brown hair barely goes below his forehead. Considering it is almost impossible to see Armin without a hat, seeing his hair is a very rare sight.

    Armin usually wears in an open khaki coat that reaches his knees. His head is adorned with a brown fedora. A small glass rose is pinned to the hatband. Oddly, the rose appears to be brown, as if it is dying. Under his coat, he carries a gun belt on his shoulder which features two revolver-style weapons and two pouches for ammunition. He also carries one revolver on each hip under his coat. Beneath the belt he wears a white button-down shirt. Even in more casual settings, he tends to wear the same attire. No matter where he goes, he seems to wear his hat. Even if he is somehow caught without the hat, he will always have the glass rose somewhere on his person.


    Strangely for a Bount, Armin's most common fighting style does not even use his Doll. In fact, for most of his fighting he generally does not use his Doll at all. He is an expert marksman, and generally fights with his set of pistols. In addition to a set of normal bullets which are used on normal, mortal foes, Armin uses a series of specially designed bullets to eliminate spiritually-aware targets. When it comes to close-range combat, Armin generally uses some combination of his own martial arts prowess and his pistols. While much harder to use in melee distance, Armin is still quite capable with his pistols. Armin prefers to fight at a distance and from the shadows when necessary.

    When he uses his Doll, however, Armin becomes a different combatant. His Doll generally attracts attention while Armin sneaks around and attempts to score hits with his set of pistols. He will also support his Doll with ranged fire of various types. Should it become necessary, Armin is capable of fusing with his Doll, in which case he becomes a much more powerful combatant focused more on direct combat.

    Tools of the Trade:
    Revolvers: Armin possesses a number of revolver pistols. These pistols are made of an extremely tough reishi-like material, capable of blocking zanpakuto several times with only chipping. This also allows them to function as makeshift weapons without firing, though they are not designed for this purpose. He generally has all but one pistol loaded with spiritual bullets while one (on his belt) is loaded with normal, but they are interchangeable and he can prepare specifically for certain jobs.

    Special Bullets: In Armin's possession are several bullets specially-designed for dealing with spiritually-aware targets, including Shinigami and Hollows. Unless otherwise specified, Armin can have more bullets of a specific type created at any time through his own efforts or those of an ally.
    • "Ghost Touch" Bullets - Like firing normal bullets, except at Shinigami and Hollows. His most common bullet. Armin generally has one gun loaded entirely with these. He can create these himself.
    • Smoke Bullets - Explode upon striking any surface, begins spewing smoke that lasts for a medium amount of time (about as long as a smoke grenade). It blocks vision and is difficult to breathe through, much like normal smoke. Armin creates these himself.
    • Flash Bullets - These bullets explode with light, generally blinding targets for a few seconds. Can also be used like the typical ninja escape pellets. Armin creates these himself.
    • "Bakudo" Bullets - Before reaching their target, these bullets create a net of energy, binding the target they hit similar to a Bakudo spell, probably somewhere in the 50's in terms of strength. While the net is very difficult to break, it is easy to see coming because the bullet expands into a net before it hits its target. Armin has about 10 of these at any given time. These are harder to obtain due to the fact that he must outsource their creation.
    • Spore Pellets - These bullets contain Röschen's spores, and are generally fired directly at her to increase the speed at which she reaches maximum potential (see below). Armin uses Röschen to help create these.
    • Feedback Bullets - Specialized for high-priority targets, these bullets, upon striking, imbed themselves in the target and initiate a feedback loop through which the target's own reiatsu is forced back upon them, inflicting constant damage. These bullets are more powerful the more reiatsu the target has, and are capable of piercing hierro and reiatsu of any kind. In a deal with Kujo, Armin obtained 6 of these bullets and has since only ever used one. Armin only has 5 of these bullets in his possession and has absolutely no way of gaining more due to their specialized creation, nor can they be reused.

    Prototype Reiatsu Hiding Device: A retooled reiatsu draining device designed by S.W.O.R.D., this device causes Armin's reiatsu to appear as one of three things: a normal human, a normal Shinigami, or a normal Arrancar. It functions by actually draining Armin's reiatsu to hide it, making it risky for prolonged use.

    Disguise Kit: Pretty much standard clothing, though customized by Armin over his long lifetime to allow him to appear as just about any profession necessary, including a Shinigami, though actually passing as a Shinigami to other Shinigami is not made at all easier.

    Doll: Röschen (Little Rose) takes the form of a brown glass rose. In order to summon her, Armin removes the rose from his hat and blows, causing the petals to fall in the shape of a flower on the ground. From that, Röschen rises.

    When summoned, Röschen appears as a small humanoid girl with petals instead of hair and root-like appendages for legs. At first, she appears relatively sickly and brown, but the longer she is active she grows more green and the petals grow more red. From the moment she is summoned on, she is constantly releasing green spores into the air, which fade after the cloud is dispersed. When used in combat, Röschen causes vines to grow from the ground and tie up her foes. These vines generally have thorns, causing them to inflict damage should they be pulled through. Additionally, Röschen can stretch her arms and legs, allowing her to reach or see targets afar and strike them with thorny bludgeon-like vines. However, once summoned she is incapable of moving her base until she becomes strong enough (see below). As a plant, Röschen is naturally weak to fire and ice and naturally resists water.


    Plant Control: Röschen is capable of using plant-life of all kinds to her advantage. She can cause them to experience accelerated growth or decay. Accelerating growth expends her own energy, while decaying it causes her to regain energy. As such, she has a limit to how much plant life she can create at any given time, though she can always decay previous life to regain her energy. Any plants that are disconnected from their roots are not subject to this effect, nor can she use it if she has uprooted herself.

    Spores: While not a technique in and of itself, the spores that Röschen creates have no effect on anyone or anything but Röschen. The longer Röschen feels the effect of her spores, the stronger her vines get and the harder they are to damage with attacks. Thus, Röschen actually becomes more powerful the longer she fights. It usually takes about a minute for her to reach maximum strength. Once at that level, she can uproot herself and walk about.

    Uprooted: Once uprooted, Röschen can move quickly by extending her limbs and using them to travel. Her base body is much stronger than the vines that make it up and generally more resistant to damage of any physical kind, especially considering when uprooted she is at her strongest. Additionally, she is capable of using her petals like sharp blades capable of fighting on par with a zanpakuto. These petals can be thrown from her head, growing back almost instantly. She remains weak to fire and resistant to water-based attacks, but is now more resistant to ice.

    Bonded: Röschen Großdorn (Litte Rose Big Thorn)
    When bonded, Röschen surrounds Armin's right arm completely with her vines, then injects her thorns directly into him. His eyes change to a more yellow color as the vines grow over his body. In order to bond, Armin has to expose his arm directly to Röschen; she cannot bond through clothing. Once the process is finished, Armin's entire body is a writhing mass of vines, his right arm covered in thorns. His face is shrouded in shadows, blocked from vision by the vines around it. However, his bright yellow eyes are visible.

    In a bonded state, Armin continues to release spores like Röschen that continually increase his strength. He also has all of Röschen's powers. However, he can also move at a much faster speed despite his less human form, basically writhing along the ground at the speed of Röschen's accelerated growth ability. At close range, he can envelop anyone nearby in the vines of his body. He can also cause thorns to grow from any vines he creates at any time. The thorns on his right arm drain their target of their reiryoku, delivering it directly to Armin. He can also drain water to regenerate himself.

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