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    Silvery Extraterrestrials

    Alias: Tom and Jerry
    Give them some nicknames, and I’ll put them here!

    Gender: One man, one woman.

    Race/Species: Silvery extraterrestrials

    Age: ???

    Alignment: Science good!


    Power Rating: Proportionate to science!

    Description: A pair of aliens, a man and a woman. They have silvery skin, wear silvery clothes, and have silvery eyes. Their clothes are a bizarre mix of robes, lab coats, and flight suits. They both have slivery hair, the man wears his short but the girl lets her's frame her jaw.

    Personality: They seem eager to help… and take lots of measurements on various things. The girl seems more active and impulsive, but the guy is more timid and patient.

    Equipment: Their space ship… is pretty well busted. They seem to be able to access the technology from their ship, but the main things they carry around at all times are various measuring devices, tablet-like things, and small stun weapons.

    Have since made a translator circlet. It was made out of pieces of an important bit of their ship, though, so they don't carry it around.

    Abilities: The main detail is their minds. Their minds… do not work like our minds do. Horrid images that would permanently scar a human psyche leave them unscarred. Powerful supernatural suggestions are met with a giggle and a nudge. Mind reading is like looking into a blender in a hyperdrive in a wormhole in a flip book going at three times the speed of sound. Even horrid things Man Was Not Meant To Know are met and recorded without any head exploding to gibbering. However, this amazing boon comes with problems. Specifically, language.
    Their language is complex and weird. Most beings cannot hope to understand it, and even supernatural abilities aren’t enough to give a straight translation. Happily, they seem to have some innate ability to understand things others are saying… but specifics are often lost in translation. Names are especially a problem, but the female can seem to get most of them.

    Additionally, the aliens are surprisingly resistant to damage. Large explosions will knock them out and send them flying, but nothing has yet to do permanent damage. It is unknown whether this is intrinsic in their anatomy, or perhaps somehow linked to their outfits.

    Backstory: They are advanced beings from another star… here to take notes on everything and get into trouble.
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