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    Alias: The Rescuer. Bane of kidnappers.
    Gender: Female.
    Race/Species: Erinys.
    Age: 138 years. The equivalent of a 24 year old human female.
    Alignment: Lawful Evil/Neutral. Her goals are occasionally Good, but her methods are usually Evil.
    Class/Profession: Warrior.
    Power Rating: B.
    Sotera has pale skin, yellow eyes with vertical slit pupils, a fit physique, and rather unusual wings and hair. Oh, and her eyes are always bleeding. Her wings are black with dirty white tips and are large enough to support her in flight. Her hair is thirteen long green snakes, which regularly move around. She wears a revealing black dress that shows off her figure while allowing her to fight.
    Personality: Sotera is extroverted and very flirtatious. When she gets used to people, she can be pleasant and amusing company. But break the law in front of her and she will violently kill you with sadistic pleasure.
    Equipment: She has a black adamant sword and various other weapons and killing equipment stored in hyperspace.
    Abilities: Sotera is an adept fighter and is capable of using infernal magic to a slight degree. Also, she can direct her snake-hair to bite people. The dose of poison in one bite is enough to kill a child, but most adults will just get sick. Several bites, however...
    Backstory: To come later...
    Miscellaneous: She is modeled after the Greek Erinyes and specializes in punishing kidnappers and abductors.
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