Turiel Eseina
"Does death really fascinate you so much? I wouldn't take another step unless you want to find out all about it."



Shadow-Bound Elf

432(50+ for an elf, but due to his Shadow-binding he is basically 28-24(Human age.). At the peak of his fitness.)

Chaotic Evil to most extents. Althoug several Lawful-Evil tendancies.

Killer for hire. Part time alchemist. Part time general villian.

Power Rating:
B - A-

*Image Warning*

Brooding and dark, Turiel used to be the fun-loving friendly elf before he became a Shadow-Bound. Now he is enslaved to his master, and that is only the beginning of the darkness. For to become Shadow-bound, one must have it in their heart in the first place.

He reviles himself for his lust for power and death, even though you can see the enjoyment sparkling in his eyes as he hunts you down and slits you open piece by piece. This man almost seems to have two personalities, one a friendly subdued one, one a psychopathic maniac who loves the sound of screaming almost as much as he likes the sight of blood.

Riuswein: A short sword that is cursed with unsealing wounds. Cuts made by this blade only are able to be closed by strong magic, of the healing variety.

Caeisir:The tome of his Dark-Shadow Master. This allows his master instant communication with his servant, and allows the servant to tap into the Master's power... for a price.

Eirith Battle-gear: The crafted gear of his Clan Sect, crafted for battle. It is enchanted to be able to take anything from high temperatures to nigh-on epic level magic. It is almost indistructible.

Eirith's Assassin-Commandante's Deathmask: The mask is permenantly enchanted with fear, and allows him to see the pressence of anything magical, spiritual or adversive in nature. Allowing him to see invisible creatures, spirits and such properly, and to detect magical aura's.

Dei'waith: The Cloak of shadows. It charges power for every moment not touched by light, and allows him to use such charged power to do anything from teleportation to becoming invisible.

Half a dozen spare knives, his gauntlets(Which are clawed.), five different poisons and the mark of his clan, rank and master all on one symbol.

Assassin's training allows him to handle, identify and prevent and apply poisons flawlessly, although his speciallization comes with sneaking and death. He is able to use any weapon that comes to hand, including a buttering knife if necessary.

Dark Magic, Medium to High Level: This is an inherant carry over from being bound to his master and clan, as is the shadow-magic and the mixture of Shadow-Elf effects.

Shadow-Bound Powers: He's contract allows him to melt into shadows and use the darkness to transport himself. He can also move silently as long as he is not in direct light, and scale walls like a spider.

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