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    Bryce Dunlaar

    Alias: None, yet
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Male
    Age: 28
    Alignment: Lawful good about sums it up.
    Class/Profession: Armored Core Pilot
    Power Rating: C- Outside his Armored Core, B+ in his AC
    Description: Bryce himself is somewhat scrawny, but don't let that fool you - his body is like its made of wire, and he can spring into action at almost any time. Despite his lack of size, he's very capable physically, though his skill is more in endurance, reflexes, and flexibility than strength. he has brown hair and heterochromatic eyes - one is blue, the second is hazel.

    Along his arms, spine, and the back of his head are sockets made of black metal. Usually, they're hidden by clothing and hair.

    Bryce's Armored Core looks remarkably Similar to this. He calls it Cyclops:

    Personality: I'll be entering something definitive here once I've roleplayed the character long enough to have a good idea of it. Suffice to say though, he fits to his alignment
    Equipment: For his own person, Bryce currently only has three outfits. The first and most casual is a white tee-shirt with brown fatigue pants. he'd be wearing thse whenever he was off-duty. The second is a heavier outfit for cold weather - a thick coat, scarf, a sweater, and another pair of fatigue pants, though with long johns under everything. His final outfit is his pilot suit, which appears to be made of an orangish leather substance. Bryce has no idea what it's made of, but it was designed specifically for him, and has hole designed for his interfacing sockets.

    His Core has a Six different weapons. The first is a missile launcher on its back. The second is a plasma cannon; slow, but powerful if it could ever actually hit anything. It carries a machine gun in its right arm, and has a laser blade on its left. Finally, it has a pair of (relatively) low caliber machine guns built into the shoulders for when ammo is scarce). These weapons can technically be taken out at any time if an appropriate replacement is gotten for the machine
    Abilities: Bryce is well trained to use assault rifles and knives, though the largest amount of his training went into his use of the Armored Core he owns.
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