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    Junior walks forward and places his hands on the table and looks at Eisenhorn in the eyes, if those are visible, and speaks. "Okay dude, we came here after you threatened us so pray tell, just what do you want?"

    Rachet and Clank

    Clank looks at Rachet with half lidded eyes that are basically screaming I told you so. Rachet I told you that we shouldn't have taken this job, I can see you buying the plans for a Blargian jet pack from a shady dealer. At least you can read Blargian but you have no idea how to read this.Rachet looks over the guide he was trying to figure out to give Clank a look of annoyance. Clank, I get that your a little T.Oed right now but listen if I figure this out with the amount of mone we'll get paid who know what I could invent. I'm sure it will be no less bizzare than your last three inventions What do you mean? What I mean is that Nuclear powered Rocket sleds, Anti-Matter Bathroom Buddy's, and Electroshock Undergarments are not something that ordinary inventors would create. For the last time Clank it's not electroshock undergarmets it's "Stunderwear" and they were a huge seller on Umbris. Now will you stop complaining and try reading this this. Clank sighs and takes the guide from Rachet to try his hand and Deciphering the artifact.
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