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    Outlaw Star
    Jim is hurriedly clacking away on the computer at their base: Starwind and Hawking Enterprises. Located in the back-alley of a rundown district in a town in Southern California, they live in a relatively nice location with plenty of room to store their parts.
    "Gene, this isn't a time for your beauty sleep. Wake up and help me look for jobs!" he yells at his idiot partner lying in a cot on the second floor of the warehouse. "I like the effort you put into skipping breakfast to save money, but we're still in the red! So wake up! Ugh, you're hopeless..."
    He sighs as Gene merely rolls over in the cot. Jim was going to have to work alone today again while Gene waits for the "Big Job" that's been coming... for about 3 months now. He doesn't settle for the smaller jobs that would be enough to go to paying off the debt or launching out of this system. So Jim picks up his tools and drives off to the next job.
    Melfina has been working well as a waitress, but she's really only bringing in enough money for food and sometimes some leftover food from her job. Aisha has been trying to work in construction, but her pride as a "Great Ctarl-ctarl" has caused her to lose many of her jobs after the first pay check. Suzuka is the only one bringing in constant money as a detective/assassin in the city, but she's only bringing in enough to pay for the parking fees on the Outlaw Star.
    This leaves Rent, Water, Electricity, and other such things in Gene and Jim's hands. With Gene not working, they've had to do without Electricity for a while and even Jim's meager earnings aren't getting them anywhere. So debt has been going unpaid and the interest keeps piling up.
    Gene finally wakes up at around 1 in the afternoon, his usual time. He stretches and lays back again. He'd just play some video games while he waited for the big call.
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