Kirk looks up at Ace; his mentor and friend. Ace was a particularly close friend to Kirk because he'd helped him pick himself up from the ashes he'd been left in by the massacre at Tarsus IV. Ace, who'd managed to get the food there earlier than expected, had been the one to help a shell-shocked young Kirk discover the wonders of the universe and truly put the desire to travel in him. He'd helped him get into the academy, and from there, Kirk had prospered. He really did owe everything to this man.

What a guy.

He smirks up at him, "Wonderful, Ace. Crossed over to an alternate dimension where everyone was evil. Met Mirror Spock-Spock, never grow a goatee. It'll look horrible on you."

Han Solo was, to put it mildly, suspicious. Lando was a friend, sure, and he'd trust him with his life...but his schemes? No way, half the time they tended to end really horribly and caused his debt to become even worse. Still, he needed the money, and, frankly, this one might actually work out for the better.

He smirks as he passes all the various things for sale and people; this was life. Free, untamed, and utterly chaotic. If there were fewer bounty hunters, he might actually want to stay here a few days.