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    Quote Originally Posted by Suicidal Charge View Post
    It was an expansion set to Basic D&D published in 1984. Wikipedia article here.

    Random additional effect table? Like, say, gas, creature, nothing, large ore vein, valuable gem, weighted to the middle?
    Ty for the link
    And yes, something like that, although, it should probably be generalized so that it wouldn't need much, or any, modification between different types of nodes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Domriso View Post
    Okay, so we're still talking about having a D&D game, but with a town being a plot point in it? In that case, things seem as though they would be a wee bit easier.

    For instance, figuring out basic geography can allow for a whole bunch of interesting possible resources. Being a D&D, bizarre things could possibly turn into resources, so this allows for a hell of a lot of player initiative (especially if this is sort of a "PCs settling a new frontier" game). From there, randomized tables could allow for special resources, which could in turn allow for increased boons (maybe a vein of iron is found, and so iron suddenly becomes cheaper).

    Plus, if this is something like a mechanic to be introduced into a normal D&D game, then the PCs can have adventures involving running around solving problems that the commoners find (Oh god! Earth Elementals in the coal mine!)

    I like this concept. Is this along the lines you were thinking?
    Yes and no. What I want to do is make a system that can be adapted to various town-building campaigns, such as: A. focus entirely on building a town (PCs all working together for the most part)
    B. building numerous towns, by PCs, which compete against one another
    C. PCs are building a town and adventuring at the same time, possibly solving problems their town runs into
    I hope that makes it clearer

    Special resources also seemed like an interesting idea, seeing as this is D&D. Things like naturally occurring quintessence or something (I hear 4th ed. D&D has some sort of material that replaces xp costs for item creation??).
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