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    Gene throws the game down to the ground in frustration.
    "STUPID SPACE INVADERS! Man, I need a drink," he murmurs as he gets off the couch. He checks his supply and sees that he's out of all of his liquor.
    "Already out? Really?" he sighs as he looks at the clock. "8:42? Suzuka and Melfina should be getting back soon. I gotta make it look like I'm looking for a job so they don't yell at me again. Psh, who needs a job when the next big thing is right around the corner?"
    He heads out the door, grabbing his jacket and slinging it over his shoulder.

    -Twenty Minutes Later-

    Jim arrives home to see Melfina cooking dinner for the group.
    "Hey Melfina. Gene not home yet?" he asks her, setting his tools down and placing his earnings in their jar.
    "Not yet, Jim. Dinner will be ready shortly," she answers, setting the plates out around the table as the pot boils.
    "Dang. He better not be out drinking again. Doesn't he know where that money comes from?!" Jim says under his breath, frustration building up in his fist. Jim takes off his coat and walks to the table.
    The door is violently thrust open as Aisha enters the area with Suzuka directly behind her.
    "Is dinner ready yet?" Aisha asks, hurrying to the table. She's been proving very vividly that she could eat someone out of house and home since she started bunking with the crew. Her food intake alone is what is preventing them from paying off the interest on their debts.
    "In a minute, Aisha. I have to let the pot sit for another minute," Melfina responds, finishing up the table and preparing to move the meat pot.
    "Thank you for cooking for us, Melfina. If you weren't here, I don't know what we'd do," Suzuka chuckles, sitting down at her seat after depositing her share of the money in the jar. She has her own personal stash of 20-30 thousand, but she doesn't let anyone in the group know this.
    "It's the least I can do for all that you all have done for me," Melfina says, putting the pot in the middle of the table. The group proceeds to devour the contents (mostly Aisha).

    -Meanwhile at the Pub-
    Gene uses the last of the money he's been holding on to to purchase another glass of beer. He talks to the bartender about nothing for a while until he, or rather the lack of beer remaining, decides to ask around for rumors about big jobs or bounties. His usual routine.
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