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    {Cracklord: First I want to say...wow. You've managed to throw a bajillion different sci-fi settings together and somehow make it stick, and also somehow fit in a whole bunch of references to other sci-fi settings. The ones I noticed are Starship Troopers, John Steakley's 'Armor', the Culture series (Clear Air Turbulence) and the freaking Lensman series (what with Nadreck the Palonian: quite possibly the most scary and dangerous meek and self-effacing coward I've ever seen in ficiton)

    Anyways, well done.}


    There was once a wall.

    This wall, around the Spaceport of the city of Abbenay, once was held by many to be a prison wall, locking the world of Annares away from the rest of the universe. Others saw it as a wall locking the universe in, leaving Annares outside, free.

    But in recent years, the wall was torn down. New ships from other worlds, traders and private explorers and rogues were allowed to land. Some grumbled about the propertarians and how it would all lead to war and enslavement, the end of the Promise.

    But things have to change. Shevek thinks to himself. We have to move forward, or the Revolution will cease. And the people who come here...they do not fit into their birth societies. They are renegades, anarchists in their own way, you could say.

    Shevek turned to his fellow syndics. Some, along with him, represented the Syndicate of Initiative, while others came to represent the Glassblowers Syndicate, the Defense Organisation, the local Holum-weavers Cooperative, the Student's Federation, the A.I. Research Group, and the many other voluntary organizations that expressed an interest in attending this meeting.

    "What you should remember..." He begins to say carefully. "Is that these representatives of the Alliance, they will try to buy us. Don't hold any malice towards them: they probably won't be able to help themselves. They've lived in a universe where either you own or are owned, rule or are ruled over. It's the only way they know how to interact with people. But perhaps we can set them straight on that manner."

    He grins sheepishly. "They'll probably also assume that we have the power to dictate changes to the people of Annares, rather than simply being mandated Delegates of the Syndicates we represent. Don't be surprised if they treat you like rulers, but still, I would recommend wariness."
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