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Ty for the link

What I want to do is make a system that can be adapted to various town-building campaigns, such as: A. focus entirely on building a town (PCs all working together for the most part)
B. building numerous towns, by PCs, which compete against one another
C. PCs are building a town and adventuring at the same time, possibly solving problems their town runs into
C. is a mere way to play D&D adding new and attractive ways to play it.

A. and B. are both pen-and-paper management games, the first being a sandbox PCs vs DM, while the second is a classic civilization-like management game.
Allow me to speak by experience: building up a management game is a charming but vexing task. While you put down rules, you multiply the cool, new features you may add and then go crazy
Then again, you may feel the charm to add a military side also. Or a political side (diplomacy with foreign/PNG nations). Or a religious side, or a racial side, or a slavery/monarchy/feudalism/democracy side.

If you want to engage in some of the like, I'll ferociously help you. But you'll need my good luck