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    Default Re: [TWI] Twilight, The Final Frontier: Twipires IN SPACE!!!!

    They've all been through this, and go through the motions, not really listening. Indeed, you think you can sense a faint degree of contempt in them, directed towards the ambassador who should be arriving shortly.
    Which is troubling, in it's own way.

    "Well, I can fix that." He replies, sitting down. "House Harkonnen was just given Arrakis to run. Politics as usual, let them run it into the ground then give it to somebody else. Who cares, right?" He lets off a cocky smile. "'Cept I know a few of the middle-men who work for the family. A few owe me favors, the others can be bought off. I'm talking Melange, brother. I'm talking more money then you can believe. All I need is a lunatic to move it, and I thought you might be up for it."

    "No idea at all, Skipper." He replies. "But knowing you, you'll get out of anything you get dropped into." He gets to his feet. "Well, I better get off. Got a hearing in a minute. Smoke me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast."
    "What a guy." Says Spock, mirroring everyone in the 'This Time Round' bar with his tones of complete adoration, then shakes away the uncharacteristic emotional reaction and his face becomes impassive again.
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