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    Captain Jean-Luc Picard

    "Captain's Log, Stardate 8636.29. The Sovereign-Enterprise has just left the planet Argon 6, having dropped off Counsellor Troi for a conference on Tellarite developmental psychology. Wesley Crusher has also requested planet leave, as Argon 6 has an outstanding preparatory program for the Starfleet entrance exams. Our temporary counsellor, Lieutenant Bridge Carson is being escorted to my ready room even as I speak, along with one of Chief Engineer LaForge's old friends, Commander Kat Manx. I have asked Lieutenant Commander Data to formally greet them; I feel that such an encounter will only enhance his ability to comprehend emotion. And Engineering has just finished an extremely important and essential task for me, one that I needed to supervise with a very close eye..."

    The Captain stands up from his comfortable chair, and makes his way to the teleporter. And for the first time in several days, speaks.

    "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."

    He takes a sip, lets his shoulders down, and relaxes.

    Preem Palver

    He departs the Bellerophon in Prospero City, having finished a tour in the Outer Colonies. The First Speaker slaps his highly unfashionable brown suit, adjusts his tie, and begins his search for another ship to sail on. It didn't matter where said ship was going, either; a random walk down the Galaxy would help him get a pulse for what was going on far more than any guided tour.
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