Annoyed that his mark doesn't seem to even be in the bar Spike heads out back looking for him.



"Say that if you want to see Spike squirm a bit." Faye says with a smile taking a seat beside the Captain of the rival vessel. The Outlaw Star and the Bebop had crossed paths on a couple contracts and it almost always ended in lots of property damage and both crews further in debt. Faye lights a smoke and sighs.

"So you're not here on a bounty head?"


SPD Rangers

Doggie stands at attention besides his Klingon counterpart as the other SPD Rangers are transported onto the ship. He nods his head into a polite nod as their atoms are reconstituted by transporters. "Bridge, Kat it's been a long time."

"It's only been three hundred and fifty seven days since you were transferred from the Earth branch to Flagship security detail. With your Anubian sense of time that is quite an insignificant span of time Commander Kruger." Bridge says starting to ramble on with insignificant factoids.

"It was a bit of a surprise that I'd be chosen as the temporary Counsellor at the same time as you and Kat get full time job on the Enterprise. I thought the Federation wanted us all benched after the Reef Side incident. Time Travel is expressly forbidden even in the pursuit of alienizers." Bridge continues to ramble on as Doggie ignores him. Instead the alien turns his attention to Kat.

"Engineering. Aren't Warp engines a few steps backwards from morphing tech?" He asks his feline friend.

"On most ships but the specs on the Enterprise are unique. With a few years to work on the navigational tech we might be able to eliminate the need for the Spice. That's much more impressive than power suits to punch in a Regelian's face." Kat says with a slight smile.

"Of course." Doggie nods skeptically. "This is Lt. Commander Worf, Worf this is Counsellor Bridge Carson and Specialist Kat Manx."