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    Default Re: [TWI] Twilight, The Final Frontier: Twipires IN SPACE!!!!

    Han Solo
    "Still trying to extort me after all these years, pirate? That makes me sad. I'm the first one you come running to where there is signs of trouble. Don't worry so much. Sure, people will notice. It probably gets weighed every half hour to make sure not so much as a grain goes missing. That's what I'd do. But just because they know it's gone doesn't mean they know who took it, does it? Hell, you're the last place anyone would check, and the guys I know aren't likely to talk. They'd be putting themselves in the line of fire as well."
    Seeing Chewie's incredulous look,

    Spock seems even more flustered, somehow. "I mean, obviously he is admirable and worthy of praise in that he has achieved so much in a short period of time, and is an excellent role-model in that he tirelessly sets an example worthy of emulation, however I would prefer to express my praise in a less haphazard manner."
    He then looks at the Holo-pad, mostly to change the subject you suspect. "Fascinating" He says, pointed eyebrow arching. "It would seem that the energy readings are far bellow the projected scale to maintain such a rip, and yet it is expanding at a steady rate. Logically, that would mean either some unknown party is assisting this transition, or the energy is taking some form Commander Rimmer's scanner is not capable of detecting. Perhaps if we were to observe it ourselves we could determine more, but the data is insufficient to form any precise conclusion."

    The Bouncer tries to stop you, but a broken wrist takes care of that. You walk into what is, in better times, something of a brothel. The Palainian is sitting on a couch, arms folded neatly in his lap, staring levelly at you. "I have no intention of resisting if you insist on being violent about this. I abhor violence. At least on a personal level. Not that you have much chance of actually removing me from this building, given the disposition of those in the room downstairs." He pauses. "But if you'll indulge my curiosity, what are you here in regards to? Sedition, passing secrets to the Federations enemies, terrorism, or something else? I find it hard to defend myself when I don't know my situation."

    Ricard seems mollified, if not entirely satisfied, by your answer. He trusts your judgement, and as long as you are aware of the potential for friction and have considered it he is willing to leave the rest in your hands. "Very well, captain." He says, relaxing the stiffness a little.
    "I'll take over the helm, in that case."

    SPD Rangers
    Your conversation continues, as Worf begins to take charge of the tour, not really participating. He starts with the upper-levels, the holo-decks, the officers quarters and the monitoring rooms. He then you takes you down to the engine rooms and to meet the crew. Finally he takes you up to the bridge.

    Hober Mallow
    "Authentication?" A pleasant female voice replies over the communications. "Please provide details, the purpose of your visit and the duration of your stay." Increasingly, Space Travel was being monitored. In such a controlled economy some smuggling was inevitable, but nonetheless it caused friction and supply problems when it got out of hand.
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