"I'm not really sure." Spike shrugs surprised that he was recognized as a Bounty Hunter so quickly.

"To be honest I rarely read the charges section of the bounty files. I just know you're worth half a million credits if I drag your *** back to San Francisco." His hand lowers to into his jacket for the handgun slung under his shoulder.



Bridge looks over Worf. "I heard Klingons were surly but I always assumed it was a racial stereotype not actually grounded in reality."

"Don't mind Worf. He takes his duty very seriously, he's rather big on Klingon honour. Makes him a bit grouchy at times but he's a good man." Doggie says with a respectful nod to his fellow officer.

They step onto the Bridge and salute the command personnel (Bridge is a bit slow about it only following suit a few seconds after Kat and Doggie do).