"Nah, we've set up shop here for regular business. We haven't gotten any, mind you, since people tend to avoid searching for violent answers to problems, at least at my caliber," he sighs, leaning back. "I haven't had a good job in forever and I'd love the chance to get out of this dump. Jim wants to start up a long-standing business so funds can come regularly, but I just can't stand it. Once you've tasted space, you can't go back, you know?"
He checks his wallet to make sure he's broke. Yup, not even enough for a single cigarette, let alone another shot of anything.

Jim and Suzuka
After dinner, Jim set off in the car with Suzuka opting to go with. Gene never seemed to notice when Jim bugged his jacket, so he was really easily tracked.
"Dammit Gene, if I find you in trouble again I'm going to kill you!" he growls, his grip on the wheel of the car tightening. Suzuka merely looks forward, the air around her seeming still.
The car dashes for the bar.