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    Flix Monkoni

    Gender: Male
    Race: Kroot, of the Kusa Nostro kindred
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Occupation: Shaper (Koporejime) / Mercenary
    Power Level: C
    Description: Flix is a tall, wiry alien standing at about seven feet in height. His face is long and almost bird-like, starting at a set of predatory, pupil-less golden eyes and terminating at a rounded, underbit beak. A set of long quills emerge from the back of his head, which twitch when he is focused or agitated. His skin is a dull greenish-brown color, and his quills are black. As far as physical appearance is concerned, Flix is pretty average for a Kroot.

    What isn't average is his choice of clothing. Kindred of the Kusa Nostro clan are unique in that they tend to dress very formally, at least for Kroot. Flix prefers to dress in two-piece suits or vests that are specifically tailored to account for his alien physiology. He also keeps a pair of specially-crafted sunglasses on his person at all times, the mark of a Kusa Nostro Shaper (which they referr to as Koporejimes). The only articles that he lacks are shoes, if only because it is difficult to find a pair that can fit over his clawed feet.

    Personality: Flix appears outwardly as a fairly collected kind of guy. He tends to speak carefully in a respectful tone, with his voice almost seeming to catch on certain vowels. When working under a superior, he tries to follow their commands as closely as possible, although he won't refrain from expressing himself when he disagrees with said superior. He has a very strict sense of loyalty to his kindred, his employers and those he considers friends, and will become rather agitated when they are offended or assaulted. He also has a marked disdain for what he considers disorderly conduct, and will usually correct those that offend his sensibilities with violence.

    Abilities: Being a Kroot, Flix is of above-human fitness and strength. He is skilled in brawling, thanks to his clawed fingers and his mean left hook. He is also capable of sprinting large distances, his springing, hopping gait sending him far with every step.

    Along with his capabilities as a melee combatant, Flix is also a capable marksman. Although, his aiming skills tend to drop drastically in the rare instances where he is surprised or flustered, and he has the nasty habit of trying to fire his pulse carbine with only one hand because it "looks co-ol."

    Flix is also interested in cooking, if only out of necessity. Due to the Kroot condition of directly incorporating DNA from their food into their own genetic code, they tend to be picky eaters. Being a Shaper, this goes double for Flix as he is capable of identifying desirable (and undesirable) traits in prey. This makes him somewhat apprehensive of what most people would consider normal food, as he doesn't want to corrupt his own genetic code with junk. He prefers to cook for himself, and eats in small amounts when what he considers fine cuisine (i.e. big monsters, people) is unavailable.

    Equipment: Flix owns a (recently crashed) personal space ship that looks suspiciously like an oversized black Cadillac with boosters and carefully-etched clan symbols. He stores spare weapons, batteries, magazines and clothes in the trunk.

    Flix tends to keep two firearms on his person, attached to a special harness that he wears on his back. One is a pulse carbine of Tau design, painted black and brown. He prefers to use it in close-quarters engagements, and has become adept at firing off shots rapidly (at the expense of long-term staying power, of course). The carbine is also equipped with a photon grenade launcher, the ammunition of which emits blinding pulses of multi-spectrum light. The launcher is effective against most kinds of optical devices, both mechanical and biological, but it only holds one grenade at a time and is a pain to reload. His other weapon is a collapsible Kroot hunting rifle. Flix prefers to use the rifle in long-range engagements, though he is capable of using it as a sort of staff weapon in melee combat, utilizing the curved bayonets on both ends. Both weapons use similar railgun technology, and are thus quite powerful. However, they are notoriously unreliable in Flix's hands, and will usually overheat or run out of power at the most inopportune times. For this reason, he also keeps a small curved knife in a sheath on his belt.
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