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    Rael Kairos

    Alias(es): Hunter or Frost
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human Vampire
    Age: 300, but he looks to be around 25.
    Alignment: Probably neutral to neutral evil, but mostly in the sense that he'll do anything to protect friends and family, including things that even some neutral characters would frown at. Only if he needs to, but if he does, he won't hesitate.
    Class/Profession: Valdemar-style Bloodmage/Leader
    Power Rating: C+ or above, probably.
    Description: Raelis a tall male with dark red hair. He has pale orange-yellow eyes. He is fairly thin. He usually wears a dark blue cloak with a hood, especially during the day, when it keeps the sun off of him. Underneath this, he wears a dark grey t-shirt with long sleeves, and light grey pants.
    Equipment: He carries a sword, several stakes for those that need such, the clothing mentioned above, especially the cloak, and a small hand laser. He also has several knives on him at all times, since these are not only useful, they're needed for him to practice magic.
    Abilities: As a vampire, he has super-human strength and senses, which he has enhanced with his magical talents. As a Valdemar-style blood mage, he can create or alter lifeforms, though it's hard work. He also has claws (not part of his base form; he added them).
    Backstory: To be added later.
    Miscellaneous: As a mage that uses blood in his magic, he needs to feed quite often if he uses any. Or have someone else provide it.

    He's also got a house, in the form of a converted hotel in the Red Zone. Anyone is welcome to try and rob it, though I warn you, he has quite an array of created lifeforms guarding it, in addition to a couple of dozen other vampires, and some defenses that will remain nameless for the moment.

    Other than that, he has a bunch of really, really, useful Blood Birds (dark red ravens with a human mouth in their chest) running around. He can see through and control them at long range, and often uses them to talk through. In effect, he can be in a lot of different places at once.

    Created Species:


    Quill Wolves:
    Vaguely canine creatures with dark red quills, a stinger on their tails, and a human mouth in each shoulder. Human intelligence. They are linked telepathically at pretty much all times. Some of them also have odd skull structures, and others human arms coming from the sides of their chests.

    Blood Birds:
    Large dark red ravens, with human mouths in their chests. Human intelligence. Rael or any of his group can speak and see through them. When not being spoken through, they tend to extreme formality. Used as spies and an answering service, as well as to communicate with people that are in places they can't physically be at that time.

    Tíre Geal (Credit for designs goes to TechnoScrabble):
    The 'people' Phil has designed have a slightly muscled look to them are, and while they aren't what one would call slender, they aren't fat, either. Their faces are rather wide and sloped, but smoothed, sort of like a yuan-ti pureblood's, and their skin (which comes in variations of alabaster, blue, orange, and pitch black) has thin lines etched into it that runs all along their bodies. They all have shining green-grey eyes and wavy or curly metallic colored hair.
    The 'people's' outer ears are lightly ridged, like a ruffle's chip () and several notes mention that the ear frills should be able to open and close and wriggle about like a blue dragon's. Another unique aspect is that each one of them, a few inches back from their hairline and leading from the top of their heads to their ears, has a circlet of horns or a webbed circlet of horns or a frill. According to Phil's notes, these should be able to raise and lower via muscle twitches.
    The topsides of their fingers all seem to be covered in a thin layer of some rough, bony grey substance, and their toes are longer than a human's and designed to be better for balance and getting a foothold.

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