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This seems like a nice idea, and one I might use... although I don't think it really emphasizes the roles of individual units. Not sure how to distribute damage amongst groups, either.
ie, a group of 20 archers is charged by some berserkers. Each archer has 16 HP, for a total of 320 HP. They are dealt 100 dmg by the berserkers. Would 6 die, and only one archer be injured for 4 HP? Would the damage be spread out somehow? Thoughts on this?
I've got a few ideas.

1) No retreat - This isn't too realistic, but basically says that 2 units will fight until one is destroyed. If you have a moral system that would let one side retreat, they are considered destroyed for the current battle and you can probably make a percentage roll of some kind to see how many survive.

2) One at a time - It's not horrible unrealistic to believe that enemies will target one person in a unit until he is dead then move on to the next one.

3) percentage - When determining casualties, increase each persons hp by a certain amount, then divide the rest of the damage equally. This will add a bit more work for the DM, but isn't impossible. For an example, lets add 50% in the example above. The archers have 16 hp base, so we add another 50% (8hp) giving them a total of 24. For each 24 damage dealt one archer dies, so that would be 4. The rest of the damage would be 100 - 4 * 16 (we go back to the real hp) or 36 damage would be divided equally in the rest of the unit.

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While at work I was also considering a combat system. Perhaps have pre-selected roles that have various effects, and allow them for certain classes/units. Perhaps such roles would affect how situations, like the example given above, would carry out.
Examples of roles: Defender, Healer, Artillery, Melee Assault, Commander
Also, various terrain features could give bonuses/penalties to certain actions or roles.
For example, in the mercernary/goblin scenario above, the caves could provide the goblins some sort of defensive bonus, and perhaps limit the effectiveness of Ranged Assault and Artillery roles.
Seems like a great idea.