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    Sgt. Dr. Mathew Beckett

    Alias: Doc Red
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 43
    Alignment: Lawful Good.
    Class/Profession: Previously a Delta Force combat medic, currently a doctor.
    Power Rating: C Rank
    Homeworld: Earth
    Description: Beckett is a fit man who's currently getting on in his age. He is of Irish decent, shown clearly by his red hair and green eyes. He wears his hair in a short ponytail that only just clears the bottom of his neck, with close-cropped bangs. While he's no longer in the military, he tends to cling to the role by wearing combat fatigues for pants and always wearing his old dog tags. Usually he wears a clean white cotton jacket, emblazoned with a red cross on a green, circular field on both his shoulders and his back. The same logo can also be found on the field bag he carries with him whenever he leaves his clinic. Whenever Beckett speaks, his words are accompanied by a relatively thick Bostonian accent. It used to be thicker, but lots of time away from home has made it hard for him to hang on to it.
    Personality: Beckett is a kind and caring figure, father of two and loving husband of a family back on Earth. He abhors needless killing, as well as using shrapnel as a weapon. Occasionally he can be painfully self-righteous, but he always means well. He is incredibly well-read and is highly educated in many different medical fields, but he's still a huge jock. Counting baseball as one of his prime joys of life, Beckett could rattle off long lists of numbers, statistics and team histories, and any insult to the Boston Red Sox is a direct insult to him.
    Equipment: The shoulder bag Beckett carries around with him could very well be a Bag of Holding for all the things it holds. If there is a mundane medical emergency, Beckett probably has something in there to take care of it. He also carries a cold iron pistol, with two clips of normal ammunition, as well as silver bullets and bullets containing holy water.
    Abilities: Beckett is an extremely skilled doctor and an average combatant.
    Backstory: Mathew Beckett grew up in Boston, in a family descended from Irishmen who had immigrated to America during the potato famine. Unable to find work, the Becketts enlisted in the navy. They soon went on to become prolific sailors and captains, and from thence on the Beckett family was a navy family.
    That was, up until young Mathew Beckett first set foot on a boat and realized that he got sea sick painfully easily. Much to the despair of his family, he instead went to university to become a doctor, before enlisting in the army as a field medic. He was extremely skilled, and quickly rose through the ranks before being selected to join the Delta Force. In 2015, WWIII plagued the Earth, a group of religious fanatics with bizarre, nuclear technology attacking all in sight. Beckett teamed up with a SAS team as a liaison, and together they were instrumental in taking down the cult's leader and ending the war.
    Upon returning to America, Beckett volunteered in rebuilding his city. However, during the clean-up, a hidden cult base was discovered, and Beckett's Delta Force team was re-assembled to check it out. While exploring the base, they discovered a strange piece of technology. Upon investigation, it activated and teleported Beckett to the Nexus.
    A few years later, Beckett has settled down. He's opened up his own clinic in the slums, which is free to all.
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